Parade of Witness' 26th May 2008

Nearly Finished & Nat's Still Smiling
Nat's Smiling
The eagerly awaited first engagements of the season for the ‘Musketeers Showband’ was the double header on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May commencing with the traditional ‘Parade of Witnesses’ in Chesterfield town centre. But for the new active 28 united members a nerve racking experience for everyone concerned.Arriving early in the Town Hall car park to change into the band uniform which for 60% of the members was a first, some having had last minute alterations, complete with new hats, plumes, belts, blouses and trousers to complete the already nervous morning.Along with our friends from Eastwood (Phoenix Band, Nott’s) enabling the band to continue into 2008, special thanks must go to these committed people and also our new sewing team of Ann and Julie for making the turn out something special especially with the strong wind challenging their efforts.

Alan Bass Drummer
Muzzies 2008
On call the ‘Musketeers’ lined up to head the procession around the town centre route followed by the active church goers and showing their true professionalism the parade was greeted with great aplomb, and along the way attracted some very encouraging remarks from the watching crowd which helped prime the excited members in preparation for the second part of the double, participating in the Carnival Parade and arena events at Wirksworth Carnival during the afternoons entertainment along with colleagues from the CBSL bands the Melton Mowbray Toy Soldiers.
Chesterfield Musketeers 2008


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