Whaley Bridge 2011

Taking our now familiar route up into the Peak, commencing from Eastwood and onto the 'Wood' we soon found ourselves parked up at the parade destination point. Good directions from the locals soon set Mark and Janice dancing their way to the 'Railway Inn' for the pre parade nuptials, before heading back to the coach to prepare for the parade.

A very slight drizzle gave some concerns as to whether the band adopted the fleeces to prevent getting wet or wear full uniform and hope for an improvement, this decision fell on the Managers head as he opted for the full dress which proved to be the right one as the weather stayed fine and dry.

After enduring the stiff hill on the second half of the route the band finally emerged at the venue and whilst the crowd streamed into the Bowling Club grounds a short break was taken for ablutions before the members took up their position on the lawned area ready to provide a musical programme befitting the occasion for the public in this their first visit to this event.

With the programme completed the members were free to change and take the opportunity of sitting in the car park of the nearby 'Cock Inn' to eat their pack ups at their leisure. As the heavens began to open the members switched location from the ‘Cock Inn’ to the Bowling Club Social Club. Mark, despite two blood checks and a few corrective tablets retired early to build his strength up for the usual banter on the Coach home.

Shortly after the members boarded the coach for the return journey to the 'Wood' where Mark duly awoke and started the usual banter and Mickey taking of Sara, David, Becky, and Liam before all the members were invited to partake of some refreshments at The ‘Wood’ before the Eastwood contingency continued their travels up the motorway and home.

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Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of Arms



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