Warsop Carnival 5th July 2009

Arriving at The Carrs Showground Warsop for 10:30 ready to change before the Mini Bus ride to the start of an early parade back to the Showground and once again the sun was shining bright and hot so lots of bottles of water were in evidence in the trolley as the parade commenced at 12 noon. Leading the parade just behind the dignitaries the band weaved its way along the short terraced streets at a fast pace, but unfortunately small steps, due to the guests of honour at the head stopping in short bursts to watch the bands routines along the way. With just one official stop prior to reaching the town centre to play ‘You Raise Me Up’ for the residents of a Care Centre before continuing on our way back onto the main road leading to the Showground.

Within site of the ‘Carrs’ entrance the weather changed into light drizzle although remaining quite humid as the band lined up in front of the official stage area awaiting the opening ceremony and with the news that one of the early ‘acts’ had failed to arrive the band were asked if their scheduled arena performance at 4:45 could be changed to a musical performance on stage in ten minutes time, already wet with sweat the members elected to go on stage knowing full well that once the programme was finished they could change out of the sweaty uniform and chill out and enjoy the variety of entertainment provided around the vast site including all the fun of the fair, a free to watch big top ‘Circus’, ‘It’s a Knockout’ and mingle among the selection of fast food outlets dotted along the site.

The prepared 20 minute musical programme was played to a swelling crowd, before the ‘Musketeers’ exited the stage ready to enjoy the now hot sunny afternoon amongst the thousands now congesting on the site
After indulging in their chosen pack ups and socialising near the parked car area the individual cars were left to leave whenever they were ready after another full weekend programme.


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