Warsop Carnival 6th July 2008

Following a closer look at the agency contract for this event I noticed the parade time had changed to what we had understood to be the usual 1:00pm start but turned out to be midday, so the scheduled relaxing start had to be changed to a quicker approach to the changing routine, but having secured a lift to the parade start this allowed the late arrivals to complete their change whilst the early birds were transported to Oakfield Avenue in readiness.

Again the persistent drizzle accompanied the band at the early part of the parade but, as this progressed the rain subsided as the ‘Musketeers’ entered Carrs showground. Just like yesterday at Bakewell, Julie’s plastic sheeting came to the rescue being secured between trees and cars to give shelter should the weather deteriate
during our stay. Once again Julie played mother as she mashed the tea and coffee for a small contribution to the bands funds.

Further disappointment as the band prepared to entertain in the arena as the size was revealed to be about half the required amount, even though we were only booked here at the last moment due to the organisers being let down by another band, the last two years as seen us engaged at this event and we have pointed this out to the organisers, this takes a lot of gloss off our performance, but, they are paying.

With a cramped arena, a lot of shuffling and chicken stepping was used to offset the lack of space but, the bands professionalism shone through as we completed our commitment to sound applause.

Now the members could change and enjoy the many attractions on the vast showground after changing whilst the tea and coffee continued to be supped, that is until a very dark cloud produced a heavy shower to disrupt the younger elements freedom around the site, but with the temporary sheltered area able to accommodate all the members until it abated after a short time. Surprisingly the uniform had survived yet another soaking on another showery day.

During our tea-break under the canvas the band were able to launch our Annual Summer draw with all proceeds being donated towards the Jersey visit, so come on now members, do yourself justice and get them sold please.


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