Walesby CCC Show 4th October 2008

The coach travelled up to Eastwood to join up with the other members before heading off towards Ollerton and the Walesby CCC Show on a bitterly cold Saturday morning.

We were led through the site past thousands of caravans and mobile campers to our allotted parking spot a short distance from the roped of arena. With a 12:15 scheduled Cabaret show to perform, it was hard to sum up the courage to change into uniform due to the extreme cold, this is not the carnival weather we have come to expect, but like true troopers the members lined up at the corner of the arena ready to play to the well wrapped up watching crowd.

Performing the now well prepared musical routines and swordfighting scene, including the ‘Drumline’ played by our six side drummers who’s fingers must have been numb with the chilling wind blowing across the field.

All the music and drumming was well received throughout the programme which included the revitalised trumpet solo ‘Rodrigo’s’ played by the bandmaster Kevin, concluding the Cabaret show the ‘Musketeers’ then lined up at the entrance into the arena ready to commence their 20 minute display whilst the now swelling crowd lined the arena ropes in preparation for the entertaining programme. With just a few minutes to go before the official opening ceremony the band played themselves out at the arena side before taking a well earned breather and chance to get some warm clothes back on in the coach.

Just one thing left for the members to do later in the programme which we had been informed off before hand, was the Caravan Associations on site attempt at breaking a World record, which being in the heart of Sherwood Forest, consisted of gathering as many of the Caravanners as possible to dress up as the legendary hero ‘Robin Hood’ and at the given time enter the arena having been clocked, in the hope of beating the existing record of 1119.

Sara had worked hard in preparing Robin Hood hats complete with feathers and with green bin liners and sticky cellotape hastily made green tunics were draped and taped to the willing members.

After herding all willing bodies through the arena entrance and making several loud announcements for still more to join in, the last rallying call produced a last minute surge but, the final tally fell short of the required target realising 932 Robin Hoods from this years rally, disappointing to the organisers but non the less after all the photographs had been taken an enjoyable experience for the band members to talk over.


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