Chesterfield Toppers Carnival

1953 - 1982

Albert Thomas, Alan Pridmore, Keith Wake, Stan Hall, Paul Cook, Peter Wilson, Gary Hawkins, TrevO, Rob Grainger, Snowy, Stuart Goody, Diane Cowlinshaw, Sharon Pashley, Paula Pickering, Ginner Sargerson, Christine Peet, Anne Bloom, Diane Biggin, Elaine Redfern, Cherry Davies, Kevin Griffin.

C.B.S.L. League Champions 1974

Newbold Topper 1954
In the beginning "Newbold Toppers 1955"

The ‘Chesterfield Toppers’ were raised as the ‘Newbold Carnival Band in the West End area of Newbold Moor following on after the Queens Coronation in 1953. From the hardworking class area with little experience and no finance with everyone in the community pulling together and participating in some way to help the movement forward.

Within a few years and several changes to the uniform and name the band started to reap their success.

The band proudly carried the name of Chesterfield, Nationwide and into Europe via Germany and France, succeeding with over 150 major awards and honours to their name. With nothing but pride and determination the band grew from strength to strength and success to success, leaving a lasting impression on all the carnival fraternity with their inimitable style and commitment always being at the forefront of entertainment with their originality an expression in display.


With nothing but determination, the Band grew from strength to strength and success to success. Still remembered by the Carnival Band Fraternity.

The band are proud of their record of never ever letting an organizer down or failing to turn up on time.

All the precise details and recollections can be found within the much heralded book, available now.

1964 - Toppers

1956 - 57 Different Again

The band succumbed to the lack of replacement materials and accessories for their uniform early in the 80s which forced the management to re-think their future and the inevitable meant the end of an era when the changeover came to fruition in 1981.

However the ‘Toppers’ are still remembered on the circuit with gratitude for their massive contributions to the carnival world.

And The Band Played On.... Only 3.75

All the precise details, recollections and characters from the ranks from 1953-82 can all be found in the much heralded book ‘AND THE BAND PLAYED ON’still available.

Over 80 photo's and 123 bumper packed pages including most of the bands around during the last 5 decades.

The book is still available with over 600 sold now and you can order copies on-line or direct from the manager or other outlets, including – the Library in the Precinct – Information Centre in Rykneld Square – the Museum, Corporation St

All the accounts are guaranteed to bring smiles and tears, not only to the original members but anyone who has spent times with any kind of Carnival Bands alike.

If anyone can remember the Toppers or wants anymore info about them then please E-Mail me below.

The book is now out and you can order direct from the Manager or check local library to find out where the book can be purchased, - watch this website.


1954 Original Uniform

Striped Toppers

Early Chesterfield Toppers Calow "1970"

Chesterfield Newbold Toppers 1958 - CBSL League Champions

Elaine Redfern, Paula Sargerson, Sharon Pashley, Julie Scott, Karen Hall, Melanie Sulpher, Dawn Barker,, Diane Cowlinshaw,

1976 era - "Singing In The Rain" with Elaine Redfern

1976 Era Again

Brian, Steve, Trev & Alan - The Piano Men !!!!!

Cherry Davies, Anne Bloom, Diane Biggins, Peter POP Wilson

Cherry Davies


Chesterfield Carnival Late 70's

Elaine Redfern

Albert Thomas & Kevin Griffin


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