Sutton on Sea Carnival 26th July 2009

As we prepared to load the coach ready to leave for our latest engagement at Sutton-on-Sea, Drum Major Mark was given the good news that his missing item of uniform (the tabard) had reportedly ‘turned up’ safe and well after a weeks absence, having allegedly been mislaid in someone else’s suit bag !! and he would be re-united with it when the coach reached Eastwood.

The weather forecast was for a cloudy day turning to rain later in the day, but the happy members were well prepared come what may.
Parking up in the coach park at the back of Eastgate Market and Fantasy Island the band members left to hunt the bargains and fun rides for the next two hours before heading off down to Sutton-on-Sea for the business of entertaining the larger than normal crowds awaiting the afternoons parade.
With this encouragement the Musketeers prepared to display their talents along the route, which for the first time had been extended slightly on the way.

The band as usual stopped outside the Care Centre along the way to play for the residents lined across the entrance in their comfy chairs awaiting this special treatment before continuing the parade back down the main sea front area and returning to the Broadway car park to conclude the event before changing into something comfortable before enjoying the sea air, a pint of the finest and the usual chip teas before returning to the coach just as the weather decided to change into a drizzle of rain, making good timing all round.

Photo's Courtesy of Rob Dyche -Derby

Thanks to Rob for his Support


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