Sutton on Sea Carnival 27th July 2008

This was our last engagement before our third visit to the Jersey ‘Battle of Flowers’ in a fortnights time, so we all intended to give it our best at this venue and with seven members missing due to holidays we were initially lacking that extra zest.
Setting off in the coach from Chesterfield to our pick-up point in Eastwood, everybody was dressed seriously for some more expected sun throughout the day.
Once loaded and the journey commenced the atmosphere on board was very relaxed and light-hearted between all members as they looked forward to some fun at fantasy Island on the rides around the resort and of course the older ones went on their usual bargain hunting trip.
After indulging in some refreshments the members loaded onto the coach heading for the start of the parade point in the car park behind the Bacchus Hotel and joining up with the ‘Confederates’ of Derby, before having to change in the already hot humid heat.

Top of the Road

Top of the Main street - Ready to Dance

Ready To Start..... 1yr On..... And What A Difference

Ready to start the parade

Well to the fore of the parade the band prepared to give a good performance for the large awaiting crowd along the route and not disappointing the ‘Musketeers’ launched into their full repertoire of dance displays and routines down the main street, spurred on by the public address announcements of the bands history and successes. With this light hearted approach to the occasion the members soon took the crowd by storm as they covered the route and headed back to further comments over the public address system which encouraged the applause from the packed area. Even the daunting heap of horse manure directly in front of Natalie’s rank did not deter the members immediately before commencing the ‘Great Escape’ routine with the giant ‘Lancaster Bomber’ flying slowly overhead with deafening noise just above the band members heads, what a splendid site.

ready To Conga

Quick Breather - 4 Tunes - 4 Dances in 400 yds

Dancing Sway

The Crowd were loud and full of praise for the dances

No sooner than the parade had started it was over and after a quick change the organisers made the announcement of the ‘Winning Band on Parade’ which again favoured the ‘Musketeers’ so what better way to celebrate than by drinking to this latest success outside the Bacchus Hotel, before the traditional move on the fish and chip shop across the road….Everybody commented on the way home that despite our missing friends, this was probably the best outing of the season together and now the band cannot wait to leave together for their third forage participating in the ‘Battle of Flowers’ in the Channel Islands. This was credit to the Organisers who had attracted possibly the largest crowd to date.

The day continued with jokes and songs on the journey home. Everyone extremely happy and tired

Playing for the Retirement Home

A quick tune for the residents

Nat is glad she's not on Trumpet

Half Way Round - and another tune coming up.....

Keep watching SARA........ It's coming.......

Excellent Show


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