Rugeley Charter Fayre 4th June 2011

First Saturday in June and the Band make their first Coach journey down the M1 to pick up the Eastwood contingency en-route to the Musketeers second visit to perform in the Rugeley Charter Fair in Staffordshire.

Commencing by coach, the party left from the Hollingwood minus several members who were unable to make the trip due to work.

Nonetheless the journey to Eastwood went without incident allowing the pick up to be made in good time One or two of the Eastwood contingency were also missing through work and Alison and family were still recovering due to their holiday in Turkey running into Saturday morning.

However we finally arrived on the street venue with limited time to change or relax in preparation for participating in the parade. This year after a brief delay due to some horses, we were on our way alongside our colleagues from Long Eaton Miliataires and Melton Tally Ho’s and another traditional Pipe band.

Stepping up for our Photographer for the day was Mark (Gloria) Smith who appeared to revel this duty by taking anybody and everybody’s picture along the way including the local vicar and Community Bobbies, a passing Boat, an Old Folks home to mention a few of the 247 shots.

In under an hour the parade found its way into the park where the arena and fun fair was set up and swiftly the members were out of uniforms and seated around the coach indulging in their variety of refreshments before drifting off to take in the fair ground and the many trade and charity stalls littered around the field.

Thankfully before the rain started we left for our return trip.


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