Rugeley Charter Fayre 5th June 2010

First Saturday in June and the Band make their first Coach journey down the M1 to pick up the Eastwood contingency en-route to the Musketeers first visit to perform in the Rugeley Charter Fair in Staffordshire.

With perhaps a very beautiful day for watching more so than marching and playing in the parade in the sapping humidity, the Musketeers joined with two fellow bands, the Breaston Highlanders and Long Eaton Militaires and the local Chase Drum Corps on the twisting slow moving route around the town centre into Hagley Park for the afternoons programme of entertainment.

With the Musketeers scheduled to make their arena appearance at 2:10, the members relaxed prior to making their preparations.

Just about ready for heading to the arena entrance when a member of the organising committee appeared at the coach door to inform the band that the arena programme had received a set back after the first act, a Dog Display Team had overrun their arena time by twenty minutes, which the organisers wished to pull back and suggested that the band either went on at the end of the afternoons programme (after 5:00pm) or didnít need to perform. With the band committed to performing and getting some members home for work later, reluctantly agreed to take this option. With the organisers apologising profusely the members changed out of their uniforms and decided to take advantage of the many attractions around the field for a while before heading back down the A38 for home, with the offer of a return booking on for 2011 to compensate.


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