Ravensknowle Carnival 28th June 2009

Another coach Journey up the M1 for the band in another return to the Ravensknowle Children’s Gala at Huddersfield with time available for a saunter around the Carnival field which this year was split into two separate fields with the funfair divided around each one. But first the members visited the stall with the bargain bottles of shower gel, hair shampoo, conditioners and soaps etc like they did last year.

Unlike the past two years, which have seen the parade spoilt by rain, this one saw the members uniforms wet through this time with sweat as a fast pace soon help complete the parade and as the day before a quick change out of the uniforms to allow them to air before the arena show later.

Taking up our position in the entrance to the arena in the second field which like the main field was vastly populated on this hot summer day and like the last three occasions the members produced another brilliant display especially in the humid conditions, swiftly disrobing after the show, now we had only a short stage programme to perform.

On stage in front of a large seated audience the Musketeers again excelled in their programme before returning to the coach for the final time to change into dry cool clothing before the journey home and a barbeque at the ‘Hollingwood’ en-route .

Two notable achievements on the day were; a first for Helen when she burst out of her red belt from eating to much during the day including a huge tray of chips and curry. Then Sax player Sara not only played Tenor Sax on the Parade and Alto on the Display but Baritone on the stage show.......

What an AWESOME Line


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