Ravensknowle Carnival 24th June 2007

With the skyline of dark forbidding clouds prevailing. Eager to get involved, the band arrived very early at Ravensknowle Children’s Gala, Huddersfield to lead the parade and perform during the afternoon’s programme of entertainment.

However, shortly before the start time the threatening skies finally gave way to heavy showers and, with orders from the directing Police Officers, to make it a fast parade the band duly obliged as they set off at a very brisk pace. In fact some of the older members believe that the pace set off the speed cameras as they hurtled past on route. Still not deterred the band provided the window watching crowd with some of their inimitable routines along the way.

The continuous downpour helped churn up the already sodden field likening the venue to the quagmire of Glastonbury Festival, although the arena area still remained untouched, and as the band struck up to commence the display the rain suddenly ceased completely to allow the still vibrant crowd the opportunity to watch the performance. Once again a damp day for the Musketeers but enjoyable none the less.

"Dance With The Devil"

Start of the Parade

"Conga" Dance

Just Finished "Looney Tunes"

Setting Up for "Great Escape"

The Middle of "Great Escape"

On The Field



"Now The Sun is Shining"

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