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At Last it's out

Just in time for Christmas, the long awaited release of the book is now available from Chesterfield Library, Chesterfield Information, Chesterfield Museum, Hudson's and somewhere inside Waterstone's.


An in depth, humorous recollection of the Bands movements from changing from the highly successfully Chesterfield Toppers into the even more successful Chesterfield Musketeers.

The footings of the current movement.

The highs of winning the Third World Championships to the lows of having to return from Spain early.

The prestige of performing in front of Royalty and dignatories to just playing for the cows in the middle of nowhere.

The stories are all there, The blood the sweat and the tears................


All for One & One for All.............. will go on General release later in 2007, thanks to Trevor Oldfield's research, input from many friends and the support of

the National Lottery's Award for all.

Copies of the Early book "And the Band Played On"....... are still available from the Library and from the members of the Band.....

E Mail Trevor or phone him on 01246 279423


The Legend goes on.................

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