Mansfield Woodhouse Carnival 27th June 2009

The bands first visit to this Summer Parade for the Park Road Resource Centre on Yeoman Hill Park so we didnít know what was happening. But after parking our cars behind our Gazebo Tombola Stall we soon got acquainted.

Having changed in good time the band elected to walk down to the starting point outside the Anvil Pub were the collection of youngsters were waiting in anticipation of following behind the band on the way to the park.

Although not too sunny at this point, the humidity count must have been very high as the blowers struggled to hold their notes on, during the (thankfully) short parade.

Once back the members were soon disrobed from the sweaty uniforms for at least two and a half hours so plenty of time to wander around the park and relax with their packed lunches.

At three pm the Musketeers commenced the 16 minute programme of entertainment for the large crowd surrounding the arena, who shown their appreciation with loud applause throughout the programme, at the end of the display the organisers suggested a booking for next year but also further bookings for cabaret shows later in December at the Resources Centre. Meanwhile our willing band of helpers continued to man the fundraising stall to top up the Jersey Fund ready for August.


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