Knottingley Carnival 11th July2009

Following the usual pick-ups along the route the band headed for Knottingley Carnival to participate in the street parade only, with the members having some trepidations about the exact length of this particular parade knowing full well that it was stipulated has being around two and a half miles in length with a break mid point of 20 minutes duration.

After finding the starting point on Doncaster Road in Ferrybridge the members were able to change nice and comfortable before being taken to their position at the head of the parade by Mark’s ‘Nemesis’ the Parades ‘Whistling’ Marshall in preparation for leading off after the judging of floats by the dignitaries, with one change in the ranks. Danny became official photographer for the day due to a rib injury sustained late Friday night with Macey occupying the role of side drummer in his place.
One sour point the band noted was, after being lined up ready to move-off for about 10 minutes whilst the judging was completed alongside the row of long vehicles, either the Police or Parade Marshall’s allowed several cars to come running through the ranks of band members, this making a mockery of our risk assessment and Liability insurance should anything have happened to the personnel in line when supposedly ALL traffic had been stopped and the ROAD Closed.....

Eventually our lead Marshall started his stop watch and gave Mark his orders to march on and the band commenced with their rendition of ‘There Goes My First Love’ and as they progressed along the route it was noticeable that the crowd were only evident in pockets by the roadside with many bare areas to march past.
After what seamed like about two miles the band were stopped after checking the stop watch outside a public house were the dignitaries disappeared inside for liquid refreshments, quickly followed by half the band, leaving several band members shoeless and in pain sat on the pub wall from the long march on a very rough and potholed road.

Twenty minutes later the parade continued again for quite a distance until at last the entrance to the Killingley sports ground could be seen and the parade destination. With a big introduction the Phoenix Musketeers Showband entered the arena and concluded their contribution to the event after one quick lap.
Swiftly changing out of uniform the members were able to indulge in their preferred pack ups laid on the grass beside the coach glad that no further marching was necessary for the day, before taking a look around the site amongst the swelling crowd.


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