Battle of Flowers August 2008

Thursday - Friday - Saturday

Teamwork - Women Style

One Big Happy Family

Down at the Pub, everyone tucked into the excellent Home Cooked house Specials before heading back for more Karaoke and fun......

Rising from our beds on Friday morning to a clear blue sky and the sun shining brightly, so after brekky, everybody prepared to head for the beach for a spot of sunbathing.

As in previous years the sun was soon making its mark on the pale bodies of some of our party even after a good dousing with sun cream, but everyone stuck it out until it was time to return to the centre for tea and make our final preparations for the ‘Moonlight Parade’.

The Drums, Sax's and Mace had already been fitted with the string lights and loaded into the transit along with uniforms and other lighting effects which would be attached when the uniforms were in place, these included glow sticks and ear rings for the ladies.

At 7:00 pm the coach arrived to transport the band down to parking area No.1 at the West Park end. Even though the parade didn’t start off until 9:00 pm scores of people were already heading to their seats along both sides of the arena. We were informed that there had been a total sell out of seats and a surge to purchase space along the route had broken all previous records, so we were expecting a very exciting evening.

excert from the new TimeTeam

Jodie and Liam with ????? Oh yes Daniel

Craige, Alan and Chrissy


Mooo Mooo

Still tired and weary, the members awakened to the remaining sausages, beans and bacon butties, prior to the process of finishing packing, loading the transit van and tidying the centre ahead of the arrival of the coach at 0900 hours to transport our party to St Helier port for the return sailing.

However remnants from the ‘Moonlight Parade’ did delay our immediate progress to the harbour with a major traffic hold-up caused by a large float from the night be fore’s parade still blocking the highway, having lost one of it’s wheels, fortunately it was removed sufficiently to allow the coach to reach our destination in good time.

Alan, Charna, Chrissy, Zoe, Shereen, Daniel, Jodie, TrevO, Josh, Tom, Danny, Anthony, Macey, Bex, Beth, Sara, Jade, Liam, Julie, Natalie, Casha, Jemma, KevO, Callum, Helen, Charlotte, Lil Beth, Craig, Craige


With everybody on board the ‘Condor Express’ the return journey passed by without further incident, the only thing left to do now was off-load the equipment from the transit van to the waiting coach, so Billy could return it to the Bournemouth Depot and the final lap could continue to Eastwood and home.

Finally the entire party echoed the same sentiment on the journey home, this Jersey experience with such brilliant company was fantastic throughout and the BEST so far, so come on Jersey 2009, the ‘Musketeers’ are ready!!!


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