Battle of Flowers August 2008

The band moved into a position to await orders from the organisers regarding pre-entertainment, but firstly some of the ‘Musketeers’ were asked to circle the Formula Renault Racing Car to perform ‘Let Me Entertain You’ for the the Jersey born driver James Walker and the gathering crowd, which did not take much persuading given the way the ladies (who shall remain anonymous Sara) were drooling over the young driver of the car.

Playing to James Walker

Then followed a photo session with ‘Mr Battle’ Christopher Biggins, (Trevor’s twin) which was overshadowed by another humorous incident involving Casha who managed to split her trousers from front to back, thus ensuring she kept cool in places were others would be getting quite sweaty during the parade, fortunately the darkness saved her any embarrassment along the route. But many stitches will be required before our next outing in the daylight on Bank Holiday Monday.

christopher Biggins or is it Grandad trev

Then it was time for the racing car to make not 1 but 3 full laps of the arena at full throttle, virtually deafening the whole arena in its wake.

A short march to play for the seated area on the return side before the signal was given for the ‘Battle’ to commence.

Space Boy - Courtesy of BBC Jersey
Space Girl - Courtesy of BBC Jersey
On command the ‘Musketeers ’started off, with the saxophones and drums festooned in lights, others with glow sticks, bracelets and flashing drumsticks the band took the arena by storm as they progressed along the now familiar route.
Courtesy of BBC Jersey
Courtesy of BBC Jersey

This year every float, troupe, group and band appeared to have excelled with their use of sound and lighting as they passed us by. Taking a short breather for minerals at every opportunity and at the turning point all our members were thoroughly enjoying the picturesque scenes, noise and colour, however, all to soon the parade which had gone without any incident this time came to an end with compliments coming from the officials and our ‘minders’ for our contributions throughout the parade and members were inundated with compliments from the massive crowd as they exited the arena following the fantastic firework display on the beach immediately in front of the band, now it was time to make our return to the Centre for a light snack before retiring, in anticipation of the early start on Saturday morning preparing to leave for home.

Courtesy of BBC Jersey

Callum leads the way to the Pre Entertainment

daniel & Lil Beth


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