Battle of Flowers August 2008

Andrenalin at a peak, the members boarded the coach to be escorted to No:4 parking zone to meet Zandra the bands 'minder' for the duration of the days parade. Prior to changing into uniform for the parade, the band were guaranteed good luck when a rather large and obviously weighted seagull deposited its entire guts on (unlucky) Chrissie’s head as she ate her packed lunch on the sea wall, much to her dismay, but it did brighten up the day for everyone else whilst watching her efforts to wipe the mess from her hair and face with several tissues, sorry Chrissie rather it was you than me.

Whilst changing into uniform, news filtered through that following on from the success of leading the 'Moonlight Parade' last year, the 'Musketeers' had been chosen to lead off the parade from the First Tower end.

With everybody 'chomping at the bit' ready to get started, the band awaited the official 'Battle' starting call.

Callum Settles The Band Ready to Lead The Parade

What a Smart and Professional group

One more surprise from the ‘Battle’ organisers before the band headed off the parade, a World Series Formula Renault racing car set the arena alight as it raced down the arena circuit on full thrust to everyone’s enjoyment driven by Jersey born James Walker a name to look out for in future F1 racing soon.

With the BBC and IT television cameras focused on the ‘Musketeers’ the band commenced the ‘Battle’ parade at a very brisk pace changing into their slower movements in various routines along the way, counter marching and performing dances in their own inimitable style which received loud applause from both sides of the arena along the entire route.The sun now beating on the heads of the band members as they got into their stride down the arena playing and performing their music and display programme.

Courtesy of BBC Jersey

10yr old Jodie Playing Away

Parade Leaders

Callum Leads the Way

The band stopped off at West Park for liquid refreshments, before opting to start the return march, past the extra large seated crowds lining the route. Just over half way along and the band were ushered past a stricken float whose driver had been taken ill with heat exhaustion.

Courtesy of BBC Jersey

Little Liam

Courtesy of BBC Jersey

Half Way Down The Parade

This was the start of problems for the members in our own ranks, first to feel the heat was Jade who succumbed to exhaustion and had to be assisted by the paramedics to help raise her sugar levels. 100 metres further on and in similar fashion Natalie was led to the wayside, the second front ranker with similar problems and then with only 150 metres to go our third member experienced stomach cramps and had to be relieved right opposite our waiting coach, fortunately we finished without further mishap. Although for safe measure after being brought round Jade was taken to hospital accompanied by her mother and boyfriend to be administered intravenous drip to hasten her recovery although fortunately the other two were able to join the other members back to St Lawrence Centre after making full recoveries.

Courtesy of BBC Jersey

Becky & Nat

Courtesy of BBC Jersey

Callum at Ground Level

Two hours later reunited with Jade and with everyone showered and dressed up the entire party left the Centre for an evening meal at the nearby pub by way of a change, returning later suitably refreshed for a further karaoke session before retiring to their beds

Chesterfield musketeers 2008

Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of ArmsMusky