Battle of Flowers Aug 2006

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Group Photo Aug 2006



Keegan Reeve-Yates - Mascot

Night Parade - Keegan

Keegan Reeve-Yates - Mascot

Main Parade - Keegan Reeve-Yates

Sylvia Fearn - Assistant

Night Parade - Pre Parade Entertainment - Sylvia Fearn

Zac Johnson - Druumer

Day Parade - Zak Johnson

Dancing in Mucho Mambo Sway

Heather & Lorna Warming Up


Non Stop Hard Work ( tut tut )

Busy Practicing


Day Parade - Half Way

Trevo - Pre Parade Entertainment

Sword Fighting At The War Tunnels

Andy Abraham & his No. 1 Fan Linzi


Trumpets a go go

Main Parade


Keegan Leads The Way

Fri Night Parade - Bex & Jade


The Drum Line

The Drum Line

Sway On The Main Parade


Oh How We Hate The Hard Work And Tough Venues........


Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of ArmsMusky