Hasland Festival 14th June 2009

Meeting up at Eastwood Park Hasland with plenty of time in which to change without rushing in the very hot sun prior to the bands first march on immediately after the opening address which was performed by Peak FM’s Sean Goldsmith. Mark the Drum Major lined up the members and with a good audience surrounding the area the band received a very good reception for once on our own doorstep.

Performing several tunes including; Mucho Mambo Sway, ‘A’ Team, You Raise Me Up and You’re my First Love, as we marched around the area, backwards and forwards in slow and quick, this gave the growing crowd an insight as to what to expect later when the Musketeers were to give their entertaining new display programme later in the show. First though, the members were soon changed out of their already damp blouses, which they hung up in their parking area in preparation for the later performance, now it was time to grab a snack and a walk around the festival field, meanwhile our support team of Tom and Sylvia were doing a brisk trade on the bands fund raising Tombola stall situated on the edge of the entertainment area.

Following a rousing announcement of the Phoenix Musketeers Showbands current seasons activities and a request for new recruits from the large local community the band took up their position at the entrance to the arena, with the sun still burning down the band struck up their opening tune of ‘Gonna’ Fly’ and the fifteen minute programme of colourful music, dancing, slow and quick marching which according to the resounding applause at the conclusion was very well received by the large crowd mostly seated on the grassed area in picnic mood.

With the show coming to a close the members decided on an impromptu return to Drum Major Mark’s Hollingwood Community Pub for a few hours of socialising in the beer garden and a bite to eat whilst the younger members burned themselves out on the bouncing castle and other activities, everyone agreed it had been a very (moist) good day all round.

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