Cutthorpe Carnival 19th July 2009

The mystery of the whereabouts of Mark’s Tabard still abound but the show must go on and this is the day I have been looking forward to all season…. my parade day off, although after hearing the news that this years parade had been shortened considerably I was tempted to have a rethink but none the less I stuck with my first choice.

With indifferent weather overhead the members prepared to lead the 2009 Cutthorpe Carnival watched by four times drum major Lesley, First sax player Trish and old Toppers friend not seen for over twenty years now from Breaston, Gay Richards (Travers). The parade headed down the main road towards Four Lane Ends before turning round at the bollards and returning to the recreation ground were the event was to be held.

Meanwhile band members manned the Tombola stall under canvas again due to the unsettled weather hopeful of continuing the good work of fundraising towards the Jersey trip.
Scheduled to perform in the arena at 3:30, one eye was kept on the ominous black clouds congregating overhead, but the band lined up on time and another satisfactory display programme was presented to the crowd surrounding the arena.

No sooner had the members commenced changing out of uniform when the heavens opened with a thunder storm and a torrential downpour. It was everybody for themselves to avert getting pretty drenched. As the rain appeared to have set in the band members took
their leave and headed for home with after another good weekend of activity.

Thanks to Alan & Nat for the bulk of the Tombola Stalls and Tom, Malc & Sylvia for the selling skills.

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