Chapel en le Frith 18th June 2011

First pick up being at Eastwood again this week on the DW Coaches, new acquisition heading up the M1 for the Chesterfield members waiting at the 'Wood'.
Whilst waiting Mark had taken the liberty of rustling up enough sausage cobs to feed everyone on the coach. A slight change was made after the customary Raffle was an impromptu, Guided Tour and Ghostly Stories of the local villages travelling through. This kept the members interests for 30 minutes with the stories of Anne Brady, Hermit Harry and Lovers Leap.

Arriving at our venue, which this year the band had contracted to do just the Parade. Nice and early, the members headed of down the main street to the 'Shoulder of Mutton' to sample the liquid refreshments on offer. With Mark once again in fine fettle, this kept everybody amused as the lager/Cider/WKD (Delete where appropriate.) flowed freely.

It was a matter of supping up and returning to the coach before (1) Mark had had sufficient beer (2) Liam had been battered senseless or (3) the members wouldn't be ready in time. Fortunately all was ok and the drizzling rain had ceased so the band duly took up their position towards the rear of the lengthy parade.

Solely because the band had no further action after the parade, the Manager, recently retired from parade activity rejoined the ranks for this one initially to leg it to the top of the hill before dispersing, but with new 8 year old recruit 'Lanis' in the ranks and going strong, he couldn't bring himself to bottle out before the end. Although threatening to put a damper on the event the rain held off throughout the duration and all the participants arrived at the carnival field nice and dry.

With the banding business now completed and only 2 port-a-loos available on the field the quickest and best means for ablutions happened to be the ............ public house, where the members continued in the party mood for a short time whilst the inevitable impending downpour fell outside, subsiding sufficiently for the bandsmen to make a swift exit to reach the coach and the journey home. However, next week sees the Musketeers looking forward to performing for a third week together in the Peak Forest at the next village up the A6, Whaley Bridge for the first time.



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