Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Illuminated Carnival

6th Nov 09

After a little drama Thursday evening regarding a coach to transport us down to Bridgwater on Friday morning everything came to fruition thanks to Danny our coach driver, and the loaned vehicle was duly loaded early morning outside the ‘Hollingwood’ before commencing the long journey down to Somerset for the afternoon and evening performances via our pick-up at Eastwood en-route.

Making very good time despite the morning’s delay the coach arrived in Bridgwater at midday to be met by the contingency of members who had travelled down by car the day earlier to visit relatives in the area and then continuing on to ‘West India House’ our accommodation once again in the pubs ‘Skittle Hall’, and immediately the members commenced the job of converting the room into a makeshift dormitory before changing into trousers and spats .in preparation for the afternoon performance in the closed of towns High Street. Following a short walk around the towns shops and a quick ‘bevy’ the ‘Musketeers’ completed their changing and lined up across the length of the street and commenced their static programme to a very enthusiastic crowd already converging around the area.

After the well received musical show instruments were returned into the coach locker side before the whole party approached the Town Hall, were a prepared buffet luncheon had been laid out for the hungry travellers to indulge in before the evenings high spot leading this prestigious parade, one off the largest Illuminated Carnivals in the World through the streets of Bridgwater before the expected 150,000 visitors to the event at 18:30.

A steady pace allowed the band to continue well in advance of the main Illuminated ‘Carts’ as we progressed to the finishing point still showing the brightly coloured assorted lights displayed on the bands instruments, hats and person.

With the coach having been parked close by to the barriered off road enabling our party to leave at our own discretion this year, we were soon changed out of uniform after enduring a cool but not cold dry evening, into or warm fleeces before indulging in some food from the nearby Chinese Chippy and after watching the first few illuminated ‘Cart’ entries pass by the members boarded the coach to be transported back to the ‘West India House’ for a few drinks with the locals, sat in front of not one, but two glowing wood open fires before retiring to the skittle hall for a good nights rest.

At 7:30 Saturday morning the sleeping band members were awakened by the smell of bacon being cooked in advance of the invasion into the pub lounge for the awaited prepared breakfast by the Landlord, Lady and Daughter on hand ready to serve. With everyone now with some warm food inside them, they could settle down in comfort aboard the coach ready for the long journey home.


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