Bakewell 7th July 2012

The Morning of Bakewell Carnival arrived and for once the weather was nice, although due to the previous two weeks of Rain the usual Sports field venue was out of bounds. Everything was diverted to the Agricultural Centre with a slight extension to the Parade for the motorized contingency.

The members elected to arrive around 11:30 giving the Ladies time for a little retail therapy before joining the men at the local establishment for liquid beverages. The kids just checked out the fairground and local shops before returning to prepare for the parade.

As the band changed ready for the Parade at 3pm the conversations about the pending rain and anticipated Thunderstorm commenced at 2:30pm as the first rain drops started to fall. Quickly the members found cover as did the whole parade as the Car Park suddenly turned into a Ghost Town. Exactly 2:55pm the rain eased enough for the members to make the way through the flooded playing field to the start of the Parade. Five minutes later than scheduled the parade started in glorious sunshine.

With the Parade in full swing, the band performed it's usual repertoire of Music, Dance and figure routines along the way to the warm and enthusiastic crowds along the way. Sadly some of the crowd were a little over excited and tried to enhance their profile by performing within the ranks at the expense of the Shocked Becky who was manhandled during the performance. The Drum major quickly came to the rescue with a darting run, reminiscent to Michael Hasselhoff running down the Beach in Baywatch. This was quickly sorted and reported to the Officials and Mark returned to lead the Band back onto the flooded field. Later in conversation the fiasco was quickly laughed off and Marks heroism was re likened to Uncle Knobby run to the Dance Floor rather than a Knight in Shining armour.

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Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of Arms



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