Bakewell 2nd July 2011

Electing to travel over to Bakewell in individual transport, nice and early for the bands 35th consecutive visit some of the members walked across to the 'Manners' public house for beverages and snacks, while the supporters team headed by Ann, Nat, Henry and Tom, erected the fund raising gazebo stall on the recreation ground, recently purchased with donations from Bow Distribution & Warehousing LTD hopeful of raising some serious funds towards the Jersey quest again.

Returning from the pub, the members changed in readiness to take up their positions at the stage for the annual 'Guard of Honour' to mark the crowning of the Bakewell Carnival Queen Ceremony and then lining up as the second band in the parade behind the local Bakewell Brass Band in the colourful parade of the town .

Ever popular with the Bakewell crowd chanting the "Musketeers" name, the band maintained their high profile of entertainment to the Crowds on the frequent stops around the route, returning to the recreation ground sweating from the hot sun beating down.

Time then to consume the pack ups in a picnic style atmosphere along the Banks of the River Derwent.

Once the rest of the parade had finished several bands hovered around the arena in anticipation of gaining an early slot, like lions around a kill. Due to the show running early, and as the Musketeers were heading to the field at 4:40pm for their display at 4:45pm WHEN one band member from the Sheffield Pipe Band had the Gaul to run the 40 yards to the Stage waving his Mace aloft, passed our Band Master like a shot. On his return he smiled at Kevin and bragged that he had jumped in front of us, which to his expense left him rather sweaty and flustered. Meanwhile the rest of the members calmly walked down and rested in the shade and watched the 5 minute show containing 3 Tunes played by the Sheffield Pipe band.

Whilst the members were stood waiting to start several photographs were requested by people around the arena and also complementary messages of support from a couple of families, including the regular follower “Nelson” who is 47 on Tuesday. A smarter than usual 15 minute performance was given with just a few pauses for the Crowd to applaud.

Despite the very warm weather the band provided a 6 Man “Guard of Honour” managed to play 14 (Different) Tunes along the short parade including 6 Street dances and a further 9 more on the field during the display. As one of the Organisers stated, “It’s not only Value for Money but Quality to Boot”

Soon it was time for the members to return home in their cars and Mark's hired mini bus for the weekend, this being the second of the two Saturday/ Sunday programmes in the bands full season of activities. All in all a good day alround for the bands funds and popularity.

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Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of Arms



All comments written are purely an opinion of the event by members involved. These are not by any means intended as derogatory or defamatory in anyway to the organisors or the people involved.