Chesterfield Parade of Witness 30th May 2016

Thankfully the Rains held off to allow the Annual Parade of Witness to be completed without getting wet. With two members enjoying a short break in the Canaries and another two unavailable due to work and injuries the rest of the members lead the Parade and the newly appointed Mayor of Chesterfield around the Town Centre before heading in to the nearby Queens Park for a little Tea Party and Picnic

The Parade started bang on 10am and headed off down the usual route quickly followed by the usual crew of Nelson and his mate, Dennis and his mate and not forgetting the newly elected Mayor of Chesterfield.

Slowly winding it's way through the Town Centre and round the "Doughnut" the band stopped at the Retirement Flats on Newbold Road to play their rendition of "Hey Baby".

They then quicly moved on to Tennyson Avenue before allowing the Mayor to settle in place to salute and thank the Procession as it marched passed the Town Hall.

The members opted to stay in position once at the Town Hall to continue playing tunes for the Procession to arrive and settle in to position for the annual Service.

Once the usual Annual Promotional photo's were taken the members quickly changed and headed off to the beautiful Queens Park for a Picnic.

With a feast fit for Royalty the members enjoyed the settings, the food, the sunshine and the Company



Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of Arms


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