Wainsgrove Carnival 12th Sept 2010

Continuing the busy weekend of activity following Saturdays big successful ‘fun day’ at the ‘Wood’ the members met up on the carnival field to help set up the fundraising stall for what was hoped would be another bumper day for the overseas funds.

Although several members were absent due to working it did not deter the rest as they lined up at the School at the bottom of the hill in readiness for the short uphill march back into the arena.


One short lap of the roped of area to the delight of the growing crowd before changing and relaxing around the show ground. There was plenty of time before being required to perform the display for the last time in the 2010 season. After listening to the compère read out the bands write up it was off and into the display programme for the next 15 minutes. With our commitments to Wainsgrove complete the members duly half changed before leaving in their transport to continue the afternoon of entertainment at Mamma Twiggs private address, playing once again for her and her family, friends and neighbours on the lawn. However first things first and everyone indulged in the waiting buffet before lining up for the extended musical programme.


With this well received the members were now free to make for home after another successful day completed and a healthy show in the fundraising department welcomed. After thanking Mamma Twigg for a delightful spread, the curtain came down on the ‘Musketeers’ 2010 summer season.

Now for the Winter.


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Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of Arms



All comments written are purely an opinion of the event by members involved. These are not by any means intended as derogatory or defamatory in anyway to the organisors or the people involved.