Tupton Carnival 23rd July 2011

Travelling up to Tupton for the first time in three years in our own vehicles, the members were soon united on the field behind the fundraising stall after a little confusion as to where we should actually be parked.

Once again there was strong evidence that quite a number of members were absent for various reasons, apart from seeing Paul Hardy back on bass drum,

Janice did offer herself up for Drum Major but this was swiftly declined. Still an enthusiastic band set off to make the parade starting point at the New Inn, where we were quickly greeted by the ever present Nelson (Ian) minus his good travelling friend.

The parade headed towards the Recreation Ground and into the small arena led by a very slow moving Pipe Band with the ' Musketeers' bringing up the rear at their own rather quick pace making the members faces wet with sweat as they reached their goal in the arena.

With plenty of time to relax before the scheduled arena display the members were well prepared to strut their stuff before the large gathering. Unfortunately there had been a wooden dance floor erected in the centre of the roped area making a marching display impossible whilst this was present, so arrangements were made to let the dancing school perform first allowing the staging to be removed prior to the bands performance.

Once cleared the band were able to entertain the crowd with another great show before taking their leave of the arena.Thanks on the day must go to new member Karim's Mum for organising transport from her works to accomodate the extra items required and driven by Lisa (much to her surprise). Altogether a good team effort from everyone concerned on the field and behind the scenes with the extra help on the stall due to the absence of key members our thanks once again.

And not forgetting the Ever Present Nelson (AKA Ian)

All complete with his Tesco Carrier Bag



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