Newton Carnival 9thJuly 2011

A coach ride from Eastwood via the 'Wood' transported the 'Musketeers’ on their journey to Newton Carnival, a new venue for the band even though it is 8 miles from the Headquarters. This previously being traditionally the CBSL and latterly the MDBA’s Premier Award contest, The Midland Counties Championship. Now due to the demise of both organisations inability to quantify a competition it is a carnival of varying styles of Carnival bands.

In typical Fun Fun Fun fashion the band headed off to the Miners Welfare to partake in a few beverages and stories before the Parade. After 2 swift drinks including a nifty G&T by Natalie the members headed to the Bus to change ready in anticipation of the Parade along with Old Time Friends the Breaston Highlanders.

With Julie being bedridden throughout the week with her annual migraine attacks the Band Manager was once again brought out of Parade retirement (this must be one more time than Frank Sinatra) to help out on the road parade, not a good idea in light of the many gradients
to be surmounted along the way but non the less achieved in traditional style.

But just in case it did turn out to be his final parade yet another new cameraman by the name of John Finney was trusted with the job of recording the event for posterity, this on his first coach trip with the band. It still resulted in many more pictures to select from than last weeks fiasco from Liam’s (Tabs) efforts (yet another failure to add to his account). I believe another first was achieved when John took short half way round and having to seek out some neighbourhood toilet relief en-route.

With the usual crew following the Band (Nelson and 2 new friends) the Band set off in second spot and commenced several Tunes including, 5 Normal Tunes, 10 Tunes with Dancing and Figure routines 16 Counter marches and 4 Slow Marches, all according to Nelsons Binatone Tape Recorder concealed in the Asda Carrier Bag. I didn’t have the heart to explain he had missed 1 dance but who’s counting. (Oh Yeah Nelson). Nelson’s normal associate had opted to go Train spotting rather than travel today.

The band were called on to start off the arena entertainment providing a good 17 minute musical marching display on the well kept field before a very large enthusiastic audience.

1:50pm and business is over for the day and uniforms put away under the watchful eye of a rather keen Sara, all the members young and old indulged in one of the best fun days for many a year on the nearby children’s playground, leaving our new recruits a very good impression of the bands world and everyone else looking forward to next weeks engagement at another new venue, Crich.

With a scheduled time for leaving set for 3:30pm, this was altered to encapsulate the day’s atmosphere and as everyone was having such a good time this was extended to the shows ending after 5:00pm.

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Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of Arms



All comments written are purely an opinion of the event by members involved. These are not by any means intended as derogatory or defamatory in anyway to the organisors or the people involved.