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With the new year celebration well over the preperations for the coming season are well on the way.

Engagements are flooding in on a daily basis and the Diary is already filling up. At present there are 15 bookings confirmed.


Due to the long long season the scheduled Christmas Party has been delayed until January.........

Eastwood FC Town 13th Dec 08

Turning out at Eastwood Town Football Stadium for what we consider the bands final outing of 2008 to entertain the pre- match crowd at the match between the Badgers and the Bucks, everyone wrapped up against the drizzling rain, so no music needed that involves ‘dashing through the snow’ today.

Once prepared the members made their way to the usual half way point ready to entertain the filling stand before them, at the given point the band struck up with a varied programme befitting the venue before putting the instruments away till the half time whistle.

Launching into the final programme of music throughout the interval which included several seasonal tunes more apt to the Christmas time without mentioning the snow, the selection continued until the players emerged for the second half allowing the band to pick up the drum case which had accumulated quite a good amount of donations in appreciation of the playing which will help towards the bands running costs over the year, our thanks to all who have contributed to our charitable cause over the three matches attended, we’ll be back in the New Year.

Hot Off The Press

The Muskies have just been invited to Perform at the WORLD FAMOUS and prestigious

St Patrick's Day Parade in London

Thanks to the performance of 2008 the Band have been personally been asked to perform in March.

Colliers Wood Sunday 6th December

Responding to the late call for the band to entertain at the Collier Wood Country Park where it was now an annual occasion to watch the local people turn up to place Christmas baubles on the tree each year since the slender tree was planted around ten years ago, now the tree is maturing, more and more baubles are required to make an impression.

Meanwhile the band with slightly less members present on another very cold frosty midday took up their positions in the auditorium area, which was surrounded with marquees of various charities selling their wares and with a nice crowd spread around, the band gave a mixed programme of seasonal and popular music for around thirty minutes which was greatly appreciated judging by the applause given at its conclusion.

It was then time to put the instruments away until next Saturday where we conclude this long extensive season through from early summer up to the Christmas season and one that the public and membership have enjoyed tremendously.

Saturday 6th December

Saturday 6th saw the band make there second visit to Eastwood Town FC's Coronation Park ground to play to the crowd supporting the on fire team in their home match with FC United of Manchester.

Well wrapped up against the freezing cold the members line up in cabaret style on the hard standing near the halfway mark. Soon the emerging crowd were joining in singing along with the band as they played the familiar display tunes mostly to the away supporters taking up the seating area in the main stand until the teams emerged to take the field for the kick-off. Meanwhile the band members left to lock their instruments away until the halftime interval when we were due to return for the conclusion of the days band programme.

In similar fashion the band lined up around the same area and continued to entertain the fans as they indulged in refreshments from the catering stand with another round of popular tunes which have continued to entertain the thousands of people throughout this very long season of activities and as the teams returned to the field the members made their exit into the club to pack away the instruments ready for Sunday’s final programme of entertainment.

Hot Off The Press

The Muskies have just been invited to Perform at the WORLD FAMOUS prestigious

St Patrick's Day Parade in London.......

Thanks to the performance of 2008 the Band have been personally been asked to perform in March.



Beeston Christmas Lights Switch On - Saturday 29th November

With a smaller turn out than of late due to some members having previous commitments and the F A cup the band commenced their programme similar to the others with a short programme of music including familiar a Christmas selection. Then heading the parade the short distance to the official centre Stage and official entertainment. Shortly after the Phoenix Musketeers gave another varied programme of music for the crowd of people in attendance which was greatly appreciated before bringing the curtain down on the local Councils programme of Christmas festivities for 2008.

Kimberley Friday Freezing Night 28th November

Arriving in the Church Hall car park the band members were soon ready for the short parade up the main road behind Santa Claus in his illuminated sled. A matter of three tunes later the procession arrived at the designated area prepared for the switch on, as the school choir entertained the waiting crowd with their Christmas carols preceding the switch on.

This year’s guest doing the honour of pressing the button was no other than former Nottingham Forest star player, Steve Chettle.

Once the lights had been lit the Phoenix Musketeers were asked to present their musical programme, which like the previous occasion on Tuesday night at Eastwood contained a selection of popular tunes and concluding with a variety of Christmas songs which delighted the attendees as they sang along with the band.

After a short interval to allow the members time to take advantage of the hot chocolate drinks supplied by Julie the members returned to their transport ready for the journey home, now only Beeston remained to be lit up on Saturday Afternoon.

Eastwood Town Christmas Light Switch-On - Tuesday 25th November

Following our race to beat the tailback of traffic along the M1 Motorway, all members were up and ready, again well wrapped up from the biting cold wind as requested outside the Library prepared to entertain the growing crowd of Townsfolk there to support the evenings switch on.

A selection of Christmas songs were mixed together with our own choice of tunes which were all well received by the crowd.

Then lining up on the roadway, the Phoenix Musketeers Showband performed their own dance routines as they advanced up the road leading the children’s lantern parade to the other entertainment area and the eventual switch on before returning to the Library area to await the bands final turn to entertain again on the stage.

After a programme of Christmas Carols presented by the United Churchgoers, the band returned to the stage with another programme of mixed music until the crowd started to disperse as the evening came to its conclusion.

Although slightly chilled from the raw wind the band were left looking forward to attending and playing.

Eastwood Town Football Match – Saturday 15th Nov

Now that we have finished our season as the Chesterfield Musketeers, we find ourselves out and about in the unusual setting of Eastwood Town FC under the banner of the unified Phoenix Musketeers on the local football ground.

Suitably attired to fit the weather in our red jackets, the band paraded up and down the perimeter of the playing area entertaining the crowd as they arrived prior to the kick-off

After playing a mixture of music for a short duration, the members locked away their instruments and drums until the conclusion of the 90 minutes.

Lining up once again, the Phoenix Musketeers were ready for the final whistle to go so they could play to the departing supporters, who had endured the home team trailing throughout this Derby match against Ilkeston Town by 2 goals until the final 10 minutes, when an upsurge encouraged by some toots on the trumpets, the match ended all square, when the band gave a rousing few tunes to end the day.

Welcomingly, the supporters did delay their departure to listen to the lively music, and with compliments extended by the home team Chairman, the band left knowing they were due to return to the ground again in a few weeks time.

Remembrance Day Parade Heanor Town 9th November 2008

Lest We Forget

The ‘Phoenix Musketeers’ led the Armistice Day parade through Heanor Town. They were also requested to play the Last Post (Julie) and Reveille (Bethany) after the prayers were read. Several dignatories from different armed services joined in by laying numerous poppy wreaths at the three separate cenotaphs’ in pouring rain, before laying a wreath on behalf of the band at the final stop outside the church.


Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival - Friday 7th Nov

New Jackets & West India House

The Musketeers take Somerset by storm and thrill 150,000 spectators at the Worlds Largest Illuminated Parade


This week more engagement enquiries have come in for not only Chesterfield FC - Leading the KOP but at Eastwood Town FC. These have been added to the Diary - That's a total of 30 paying engagements, not to mention the ones we were unavailable for.......

Also a new Page has been added for BLOG's - See above.......


Derbyshire County Council ‘EXCELLENCE in the COMMUNITY’ Award 2008

Awarded to Mr Trevor Oldfield for services to the Community over 50 years through working with the Chesterfield Toppers / Chesterfield Musketeers Showbands

Thoroughly Deserved Reward

It’s Congratulation Time!!


To our own Honorary General/Financial Manager Trevor (Grand-dad) Oldfield

Nominated for the award by Mr Derek Robotham of Whittington, the award was presented at the Dome Buxton on Tuesday 21st October.

The band and all its members would like to congratulate Trevor on this tremendous achievement.

More Photo's can be seen in the Gallery or by following this link

The official press photographs and write-up can be seen in all the Derbyshire press


Plans and recruitment has started for next seasons program, even though this season has not been completed.....

After popular demand more photo's and info has been added to the Toppers page.

Walesby CCC Show 4th October

On a very cold and windy day thousands of campers braved the weather to watch the Band perform none stop for just over a hour.

Then we met Robin Hood again, and again, and again........


Pat Cholerton
Former Assistant Secretary of the Carnival Band Secretaries League.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Artie, Vicky and Nigel Cholerton on hearing the sad loss of a dear loving wife and mother, on Sunday 28th September. We are all thinking of you at this moment in time.

Wainsgrove - Mrs Twigg - Party

After a short parade and a quick show everyone quickly drove the short distance to enjoy the excellent Hospitality and FANTASTIC Buffet of Mrs Twigg ( Mamma) - Boy Does she Know How to Feed people......

Rodrego's just Mammas

Wainsgrove Carnival 14th September

In an action packed weekend the Rain held off for the second show of the week.

Normanton Gala & Carnival 13th September

With several Key Members missing we headed North for a new venue. With this being the first Engagements since Jersey several members were a bit rusty but none the less enthusiastic.

Callum Leads The Way


We now have 2,000 car stickers for distribution..... Free Of Charge..... Grab Yours NOW


Due to our popularity more Engagements requests are flooding in. We have been requested to entertain next week at "Silverstone" but Unfortunately we are already booked. Hopefully another time, PLEASE.

Atlast the Website has gone Global with a new host - Fasthosts. Due to the popularity of the site our visitors have been having problems loading. For the record in August the site had 31,144 hits with over 888 visitors alone.


Due to the popularity and success of the the band, the season has just been extended even further with more engagements being undertaken. This season the band will have undertaken more bookings than the last two years put together. See the Diary page for full dates.

The Engagement

The moment Kevin prposed to Becky on the Captains Bridge.....

Following their return Becky and Kevin have not only been inundated with congratulations from friends and bandsmen but the media as well.

First they appeared in the Jersey Evening Post, Sheffield Star and then the Chesterfield advertiser. Articles were also published on the Internet. THEN.... On Tuesday (19/08/08) they were invited to speak and play on Radio Sheffield with Howard Pressman.

Jersey 2008

Due to the popularity of the site and the amount of activities and fun had, the stories of the trip has been split into several pages. Click on the link or Photo to read the stories.

The Battle of Flowers 2008

The Day Parade - The Moonlight Parade and the The Week

These will be updated as the week goes on and all the photo's are processed.

Off they go for their third visit to the Island of Jersey

Bon Voyage

The Band has just taken yet another engagement for this season. The band have now been booked to perform at the North Cambridgeshire Show on Bank Holiday Monday


Hatton Village Carnival Update!!!

Further to the Hatton Village Carnival report, we commented on the rush to get the parade away just as a violent rain storm broke, and also the fact that none of the organising committee made any attempt to make contact with the band during the five hours we were at the event.

The Hatton Village Carnival Chairman as taken the time to come forward and explain the reasons to me. This being the fact that the parade must adhere to the timed commencement because of the busy location and the nearby railway level crossing gates on the main road, and the shortage of staffing on the carnival field accounted for the failure to make contact with the band during our five hours at the event.

As this was the committees first attempt at organising the carnival in 11 years this was unfortunate and hopefully with the interest and support promised from locals, the carnival will go from strength to strength for future event, the ‘Musketeers’ would like to offer our best wishes for many more successful carnivals in Hatton.

All Set For Jersey.......... Here We Go Again......... All set with only a couple of members unable to travel there will be 27 playing members plus supporters heading their way down the M1 to Poole.......



An impromptu party was catered for at the midweek practice with cakes, savories and nibbles provided by and eaten by the members. A Special mention must go to Jane and a friend who created a unique cake to commemorate the occasion.

Another surprise presentation was made to Band Master & Musical Director Kevin supporting and commemorating his latest success and recent good news over the last year. Keep up the good work..........

Sutton on Sea 27th July

This was our last engagement before our third visit to the Jersey ‘Battle of Flowers’ in a fortnights time, so we all intended to give it our best at this venue and with seven members missing due to holidays we were initially lacking that extra zest but not enthusiasm. The Band went on to win "Best Band On Parade 2008"

Dancing Sway

Nevertheless a fantastic day was had by all the members..... Congratulations on Sara wining "Best Boobies On Parade"


Eastwood's Got Talent - Jodie's Got Talent

Congratulations are extended to our youngest playing member of the band Ten Year old ‘Jodie Thompson’, a pupil at the Eastwood Primary School.

Entering the schools own ‘Eastwood's Got Talent’ contest, Jodie was successful in winning this competition playing the Bands Musical Director Kevin’s version of ‘ Top Cat’ on trumpet before all her fellow classmates and 29 other entrants in the competition,

Well Done Jodie You made the band and mostly your mum Zoë very very proud.

Jodie Has Talent...... Well Done Chicken...


Yes Not ONE but TWO Caberet Variety Shows.........

Tell your Friends and Family.... Come On Down.........


Cutthorpe Carnival 20th July

One year on from a very wet Cutthorpe Carnival 2007, the members arrived at the cricket ground nice and early to set up the fundraising Tombola stall in the large craft marquee, which thankfully was much drier under foot than at last years event. The younger members indulged in a furious game of competitive football on the field before having to change in preparation for the walk up to the parade starting point at the Peacock Inn at 2:00pm.

Also a "Get Well" to poor Nat, who sat shivvering in agony whilst the rest of the members enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.

Hatton Village Carnival – Saturday 19th July

Heading up the A50 for our first visit to Hatton Village Carnival on Saturday 19th July, for the midday parade commencing from the Nestle car park.

Everyone "Stop" looking for Jades headphones...... After spending two hours she found them in her BAG..... Sounds a bit like her close friend C.C...... AGAIN

Courtesy of Tracy England

Eastwood Arts Festival 12th July

With the Chesterfield members traveling down to Eastwood to join up with the Eastwood members in the guise of the ‘Phoenix Band’ once again for the Arts Festival fun day on Coronation Park.

Colliers Wood 10th July 2008

As part of the agreement when our two bands combined, we presented our second joint engagement under the auspice of ‘the Eastwood Phoenix Band’ at the Colliers Wood beauty spot in Eastwood.

Warsop Carnival 6th July 2008

Again the persistent drizzle accompanied the band at the early part of the parade but, as this progressed the rain subsided as the ‘Musketeers’ entered Carrs showground.

Bakewell 5th July 2008

Setting off for Bakewell Carnival, the ‘Musketeers’ longest running repeat engagement for the 32nd year.

Even though we awakened to drizzly weather we were still confident we wouldn't get a soaking here, Bakewell as this aura about it.

Colliers Wood 3rd July 2008

As part of the agreement when our two bands combined, we presented our first joint engagement under the auspice of ‘the Eastwood Phoenix Band’ at the Colliers Wood beauty spot in Eastwood.

Just Jade & Callum MISSING...


Ravensknowle Carnival 29th June 2008

Arriving at Ravensknowle Park (Huddersfield) bright and early, giving the band members time to search out the "Bargains" on the charitable stalls before having to change into uniforms for the parade.

team laugh - But Wheres Callum, Chrissy & Little Beth

Morton Carnival 28th June 2008

The members performed arguably the best show of the season on a glorious sunny day.

Morton Carnival 2008

Grindleford Carnival 21st June 2008

Unfortunately the rain could not hold off for another week, but never the less the crowd still turned out in full force


After 12 years without - we have now officially found a FULL TIME DRUM MAJOR.

Hopefully after a few practices he will fit into the roll and lead the band to more success, unfortunately we cannot release his name until all next of kin have been informed..... ha ha ha.... Don't worry Callum, it won't be long.

Official apologies to Sara for insulting her. You didn't know her and your definitely better than that.......

Unofficial apologies from Casha, for everyone helping her search the Park for her ring, after the practice. Thankfully she was reunited with her favorite ring after a long winded search....... Maybe we should check her pocket first next time..

Hasland Festival 15th June 2008

Don't Look At Sara.... She IS Playin'

Sunday Lunch time and the members arrived at Eastwood Park, Hasland to participate in the "Friends of the Park". Another Rain Free day helped all the members enjoy themselves and obtain their Official Driving licenses..... ????

Sara Passed Second Time
Pulled Up For Speeding Run The Instructor Over

Chapel - en - le - Frith 14th June 2008

A full weekend, commenced with the Chapel-en-le-Frith Carnival Parade.

By popular demand the band were not only back this year but requested to lead the parade along with the new Mayor.

Thanks to everyone today, it was most enjoyable and fun. In fact it's never been this much fun for a long long time.

For the second week running the Band perform along side the TV Famous "Urban Gypsies" from "Britain's Got Talent"


New Mills Carnival 7th June 2008

It was now time for the 'Musketeers' to enter the arena with their full programme of entertainment, before a packed arena side, again generous applause brought the display to a conclusion.

More Photo's and Videos are available to watch on either You Tube or on Facebook, within the Chesterfield Musketeers Group Page.

If you like it, why not join and support the Band.

Bookings are still coming in thick and fast especially for one date in particular, which has enquired about over 20 times. The latest booking for the diary is on September 13th at Wakefield. Check the Diary to see the new engagements...

Following the Charity Status, Donations are gratefully welcome.....

Charity Registration No. 1122519


It's just been pointed out that the Chesterfield Musketeers are mentioned in the lyrics of a 1993 song called "Too Much Too Little Too Late" by American band Jellyfish.. !!!!

Wirksworth Carnival 26th May 2008

Off to Wirksworth for the second event of the day. Still no rain and everyone fresh from the first Parade.

Click For More Photo's

Parade of Witnesses 26th May 2008

The rain held up enough to allow the parade to be completed without getting wet. The long awaited first performance of the Summer was nervously completed in usual style.

Click For More Photo's

After putting in some hard work at practices, the members have decided to socialize with three planned outings at

"Lazer Quest" followed by an Evening "10 Pin Bowling" and an Evening at the "Karaoke"...........

Good Luck to Jem Jem for her audition at Birmingham in UK's best known "Singing Talent Show"

Extra members have been included for the Parades which takes the full band marching members up to 28, but only 24 for the display.

Big Start

Check Out the Practice and Dress Rehearsal

What a fantastic effort was made by all to put the finishing touches to a difficult 18 minute display.

With everyone comfortable with their positions now the confidence is showing and the Brass sounds the best it has sounded for 15 years.

Things must be looking good as fellow band members are coming to practices to see our performances..

Well Done Everyone........ Everyone one of the 27 members.


Thanks to Billy for the hard work and support.


April 2008

Outside practices are moving with pace with the display quickly taking shape. The inclusion of a Drum Break shows the skill and professionalism of the Drum Section.

March 2008

Josh, Shareen, Jem Jem, CC & Danny

Plenty of fun was had at the Pub.... Again..... and yes Danny and Josh are wearing make-up

Click to see the Practise

Everything falling in to place now especially the socialising in the pub after, even if Kevin can't play pool !!!

Check Out the Winter Practice HERE

First clips of the "Members 2008" are now available to view

February 2008

Thursday (21/02/08)

Met the Deputy Lady Mayoress before receiving a cheque and having the photo's taken. Finish off with 2 hours hard practice then off to the club for a few drinks and a few games of Pool and Darts. Oh and hunt the Egg........ (Beth)

Video Clip One - Drum Section

Video Clip Two - Marching


Heather Durrance has just given birth to a beautiful 7lbs 7oz baby girl called Melanie Jane. All our best goes out to mother and sister on young Melanie's arrival.

Wednesday (13/02/08)

The Boys

The Drummers all kitted out with matching Drums and actually playing together with more confidence, sounds really well........... (All 8 off you.... Nice one Billy)

The Girls

Some of the girls on the Trumpets are struggling a bit but once you get used to the songs all 6 of them will find it easier.......

Mixed feelings with the Alto's but once they get comfortable with the parts they will come on in leaps and bounds........

Whole Band

During the Drill Training the band split into Guys versus the Girls. With 5 Independent Judges ( Billy, Tom, Paul, Julie & KevO ) The 12 smart Ladies convincingly outclassed the outnumbered 10 Lads. Although the lads had a fantastic start and then fizzled out at the end. Nice one Ladies......

Come On Ian, be a man pick an instrument and join the Lads......

Thursday (07/02/08)

Excellent Practice with all the blowers giving 150% and achieving to play most of the tunes for next season. Extremely enjoyable.....

Extra practices have now started on Thursday Nights at a new venue to help the extra blowers ( 8 Trumpets and 5 Alto's & a Euph )

And not to forget the larger Drum Section ( 6 Side Drummers, 1 Tenor, 1 Bass and a couple of Tambourines )

Keep up the good work

Training commenced in full swing with nineteen new recruits lining up with the present membership, still recruiting and hopeful of more interested in joining in preparation for the movements 55th year of entertainment

First Full Practise of 2008

January 2008

Finally the band as achieved Charity Status through the Charity Commission, registration number 1122519.

Big recruitment drive commences taking in seven schools within the Chesterfield District.

Book sales start to take off first 100 sold, available from Hudson & Son Music Store Market Street, Waterstones Book Store Vicar Lane and Derbyshire Library Services for loan or sale.


Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of ArmsMusky

Chesterfield Musketeers Showband

Registered Charity Number 1122519


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