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December 2007

Launch of the new book (photos in 'Derbyshire Times' and 'Chesterfield Advertiser') 'All For One and One For All' in time to buy for christmas pressies and prior to the Christmas break.

November 2007

Two week end of season break whilst we assess our future before the AGM.

October 2007

Work is carrying on to secure Charity Status.

The release date has now been secured and the book will be distributed to the local libraries, Hudson's and Waterstones.

September 2007



We were very sad to hear the news of Jon Refern passing away on the 24th. Our condolences are passed on to Janice, Cheryl, Julie, Family and all the Confederates. Jon was a close friend of the Band for over 40 years and he will be sadly missed but fondly remembered.............


Preparations have now started for the eagerly awaited Stage Show & Reunion Show, where the members of 2007 are excitedly practicing their array of talents to compliment the music and talent of the Band.

My spy can confirm some of the acts already in Practice range from, Velvet Tones of an old Crooner to the Lively Pop Duo's, to the Artistic hands of DJ Scud & Revs and the explosive beat and moves of the Dancers. There is something for everyone.

2 Workshops are also being prepared for the near future to encourage Fresh Faces, Fresh Families and Friends to join the Band for the forthcoming season.

More News soon on the Long, Eagerly awaited BOOK........


August 2007

Barlow Carnival 18th Aug 2007

Courtesy of

Coming to the final outdoor engagement of the 2007 season, a parade only, at nearby Barlow, this event celebrating its 50th anniversary Carnival.

Even as we were changing into uniform the weather changed to a light drizzle albeit not quiet the heavy rain that had been forecast. Making our way down to the start we encountered our friends from Buxton, the Billerettes, Dronfield SJAB Band and the Castleton Silver Brass Band which together helped swell the length of this years parade.

Thankfully, no more wet events to bother us this year as we concluded a very successful season.

Skegness Carnival Parade 2007

Following the late return from Jersey the night before, the members were up and ready for the early start to participate in the Skegness Carnival Parade for the 14th time.

Arriving in the resort , the members are free to enjoy the amenities together for a few hours prior to preparing for the parade itself.

With there being EIGHT marching band there this year, the organisers decided to stage an impromptu "Battle of the Band" to decide who went first on the parade. CONGRATULATIONS to the members, as the Musketeers triumphed once again and proudly lead the bands on the parade. Despite a very slow parade following the Chinese Dragons the band still managed to perform during the hold ups and breaks. This was greatly appreciated by the crowds and the Official collectors.


Jersey Battle Of Flowers 2007

Courtesy of BBC Jersey

With everything needed for the week stashed aboard the coach the members settled down for the long ride down to Poole Harbour Dorset. A Fantastic week was had and the Band made new friends, but actually LEAD the prestigious "Moonlight Parade" Click on the Photo's or follow the LINK to read the full Day by Day story.....

Main Parade - Jersey Battle of Flowers 2007

Follow the link for more great photo's - Battle of Flowers - Jersey


July 2007

Final preparations for the trip to Jersey are underway, with last minute shopping trips for essentials.... Milk, Eggs, Tea, Coffee, Toilet Rolls & Shampoo & make-up for the girls

Click to see the winners of the "Pick a Member" Summer Draw........


July 30th 2007 - Happy Birthday

Trevor Oldfield

Sutton on Sea 29th July 2007

Early Sunday morning saw the band depart for the annual engagement at Sutton-on-Sea Carnival. First though the coach makes for Ingomells 'Fantasy Island' and the 'Eastgate Market' for a few hours leisure time and bargain hunting before the serious business in the nearby seaside resort.

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Silverstone Race Circuit 28th July 2007

Yet another full weekend to contend with, commencing with a prestigious first visit to the Silverstone Racing Circuit in Northamptonshire, to participate in the 'Silverstone Classic'. Our imput for the day was to march down the racing track from the famous 'Brooklands' to the starting line stop and play the National Anthem to herald the start of the '2007 Silverstone Classic' at 19:00 hrs and then exit the circuit swiftly to avoid contact with the speeding cars. With everything being organised precisely down to the minutest detail.

Tupton Carnival 21st July 2007

Just a Saturday engagement to contend with this weekend at nearby Tupton and with the Carnival field already ruled out, having succumbed to the incessant wet weather, credit must be given to the organisers and Council for their persistence in salvaging the day.


Final Fitting for the Second Uniform

Whilst waiting to perform at Tupton the band turned the time to their advantage having a dress rehearsal with the number two uniform in readiness for our visit to Jersey 'Battle of Flowers' in two weeks time. This was the first siting of the original uniform for many years but, it was a pleasure to see the members wearing it once again


Jade in No.2's and Fatty in No. 1's

Musketeers are Off to the Races

Silverstone Classic Race Week End

The Band have been requested to perform, at the last minute, at one of Europes most prestigous Sporting Venues SILVERSTONE. This will include playing the Traditional " National Anthem " before parading the vehicles down the Start/Finish Line.

Cutthorpe Carnival 15th July 2007

Sunday lunch time the band members arrived at Cutthorpe, the venue for the days activities. With the weather back to it's worst as the incessant rain attempted to wash away the entire field. Although the cricket ground had been ruled out for the gala a large marquee had been erected complete with bar and stage to accomodate the afternoons variety of entertainers and also all represented local organisations fundraising stalls, which included the Musketeers social committee.

Aware that a musical routine had been arranged for later in lieu of the outdoor display, the big problem was how to prepare for the parade which the organisers insisted would go ahead in the teaming downpour, from the top of the village down to the bottom and returning to the 'Three Merry Lads' car park.

Fortunately, mine hosts from the pub ( Three Merry Lads ) came to the rescue allowing the band to prepare using their function room upstairs throughout the afternoon for changing purposes.

Already dripping wet before the parade started the band set off to rouse the village as they led the walking contingency and the floats through the driving rain, receiving a rousing welcome at the conclusion from the waiting crowd for the professional approach to this adversity and shortly after having to don the soggy outfits again to perform the stage show.

Once again another day to add to the previous occasions this season the band have come home wet and bedraggled, this must be something of a new record we could well do without.

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Friends of the Park - Stand Road 14th July 2007

Starting off in our own back yard supporting the 'Friends of Stand Road Park'. Performing the display in the arena during the afternoons musical programme.

Throughout the event the social committee assisted by the band members manned the culmination of stalls helping to raise the funding towards our forthcoming 'Jersey' trip in early August.

This is a great opportunity to let our community see the band perform in full regalia as opposed to watching us practice, and for once the weather kept dry and fine for the band and organisers alike.

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Warsop Carnival 8th July 2007

On Sunday, the Musketeers made their second visit to participate in the Warsop Carnival, taking part in the parade and giving a 20 minute display in the main arena during the afternoon programme. Heading straight to the venue it wasn't long before the band had set up their own picnic area in the sunshine before changing and leaving for the parade start. To help transport some of the members to the starting point the band secured the services of a transit van driven by one of the performing rock group members which proved quite an experience as they were tossed and flung around in the haste to avoid the traffic build up on their way.

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With the parade terminating in the main arena a short heavy downpour sent the members scurrying for cover to avoid another soaking, however, the warm sun soon returned to enable the band to enjoy their picnic and also throughout their display routine later, and for the first time in weeks the band uniforms remained completely dry at the end of this very well supported carnival.

Bakewell Carnival Saturday 7th July 2007

Saturday saw the band performing at the Bakewell Carnival for the 30th consecutive occasion. However, due to the recent heavy rainfall the local Council had cancelled the use of the recreation ground to the organisers.

Nevertheless, the parade was re-arranged to commence from the garage forecourt across the road from the park, with the sun shining on the event as it has for many previous years.

Shock of the day was to learn that the carnival Chairperson for over twenty years Bill Kruger, had recently passed away, our deepest condolences were extended to Bills wife and family. However, he must have been smiling down on the town as the crowds turned out in their thousands to line the carnival streets as the bands and floats past along the route and back to the new assembly point.

Undeterred by not being able to perform their usual display routine in the park, the band gave a polished musical programme on the lawned area near the 'Manners' pub for the carnival revelers enjoying their late afternoon drink. Hopefully next year the event will be back to it's best under the stewardship of a new Chairperson to carry on the long tradition created by Bill.

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June 2007

Morton June 30th

Another Saturday, another soaking. Booked to perform at Morton Gala, where the event had already suffered a setback having experienced a flooded gala field in the Monday floods. The event commenced with a downpour of rain as the band led the parade involving the children in fancy dress through the village, culminating in it's premature termination to save the youngsters from getting a further soaking.

Having secured the use of the village hall proved successful in keeping the publics interest far longer than was expected whilst the rain continued. The organisers turned this to their advantage by asking the band to perform their 30 minute musical programme on the village hall stage for the remaining watching public, Yet another occasion to have to dry out the uniform this season.

Morton 2007 Carnival


Queens Park - Friends of the Park June 23rd

With a double booking over the weekend, the band started off on home soil performing at the Queens Park in the ‘Friends of the Park’- Chesterfield Borough Council sponsored ‘Fun day’ on Saturday.

Emphasis over the weekend was the threatened inclement weather, but in traditional style after several dark clouds overhead and a few spots of rain, the sun emerged for the commencement of the musketeers 20 minute display of entertainment. A programme that was as enthusiastically accepted as the effort presented by the members was deserved, with great acclaim from the very surprised local residents.

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Ravensknowle - Huddersfield - 24th June

On to the Sunday venue, with the same skyline of dark forbidding clouds prevailing. Eager to get involved the band arrived very early at Ravensknowle Children’s Gala Huddersfield to lead the parade and perform during the afternoon’s programme of entertainment.

However, shortly before the start time the threatening skies finally gave way to heavy showers and, with orders from the directing Police Officers, to make it a fast parade the band duly obliged as they set off at a very brisk pace. In fact some of the older members believe that the pace set off the speed cameras as they hurtled past on route. Still not deterred the band provided the window watching crowd with some of their inimitable routines along the way.

The continuous downpour helped churn up the already sodden field likening the venue to the quagmire of Glastonbury Festival, although the arena area still remained untouched, and as the band struck up to commence the display the rain suddenly ceased completely to allow the still vibrant crowd the opportunity to watch the performance. Once again a damp day for the Musketeers but enjoyable none the less.

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Plans have now been set to perform a Cabaret through the winter part of the season. This will hopefully incorporate, Dance, Singing and humorous variety act to compliment the musical talents of the band. This will be on the similar line to the 40th Celebrations performed before, but will utilize the equipment and the talents alike whilst entertaining, Clubs, Pubs, Youth Clubs and Retirement Homes around the community.

Anyone interested in a performance can contact the band by E-Mail or Telephone as usual....

Chapel-en-le-Frith - 16th June 2007

Another Week End, another Show and another trip over the hills to the heart of the High Peaks and the beautiful Derbyshire Countryside. This week it was the turn of Chapel-en-le-Frith. Even though it was a warm bright day, the clouds were circling. A wonderful collection of the counties finest young ladies complimented the Parade. As the procession snaked it's way through the heart of the town, where they were enthusiastically welcomed by thousands of people lining the streets.

By popular request the band performed several dances, movements and musical interludes at various points along the parade, entertaining the crowds as they climbed the hill to the Market Square. This was greatly appreciated by the people of Chapel and comments and praises were rained on the members along the way. Even the 10 minute downpour couldn't dampen the spirits as they headed for the arena.


New Mills - Miller Parade 2007 - 9th June 2007

Off to the High peak and New Mills for the Millers Parade 2007 - The weather was hot - The streets were full and for the first time we were aloud to perform, in full on the street parade. By special permission from the local constabulary, the roads were closed for an extended period around the parade times. We were instructed to take our time and play as much as possible.

This was then complimented by not only being paired up with the equally entertaining "Billerettes" from Buxton but being placed at the end of the parade, where we could play, dance, intermingle without holding the Parade up, and also entertain the crowd as they followed the parade to the new "IMPROVED" venue of the Recreation Ground.

This worked at treat as we countermarched and interacted with the Billerettes from start to finish. Even when we stopped briefly for water refreshment, the Drum Section faced the performing Billerettes and continued playing. This was more tiring than normal, but fully enjoyed by the band, the billerettes and the Organizers.

Millers Carnival 2007

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Finally an Organisation that appreciated that entertaining the crowds was the aim of the day, and this time they had got it right..

May 2007

Parade of Witness - 28th May 2007

On a wet & miserable day the Band lead the traditional "Parade of Witness'" at Chesterfield. Thankfully the rain didn't start heavy until the last 2 minutes of the parade.

Wirksworth Carnival - 28th May 2007

It was then swiftly over to Wirksworth for their Parade and Carnival. Again the rain held of until mid afternoon. Fortunately for us, we missed the showers for our performance. Unfortunately the rain was very persistant and continued to fall for our friends and fellow Carnival Band the "Rangers of Derby".


After a complicated and difficult legal process the Book at last has now been reproduced for Printing. Under the expert guidance of a Retired Local Businessman, this has now been improved and sent to print. Hopefully this should be available in the correct format ready for the Summer Season. This can be reserved, just like the eagerly awaited "Harry Potter" novel by E Mailing the link on below or telephoning Trev on the address or telephone provided on the Contact page..

April 2007

The long term friend, and retired printer has been recruited to advise and guide on the publication of the long awaited book.

After his close involvement with Trevor the book is back on track after the publisher conceded defeat, with the issues brought to light regarding the printing issues.

March 2007

The display is taking shape, with many changes and introduction of new tunes. It has also been decided to extend the length of the show. With nearly 20 minutes packed full of tunes, "old & new" complimented with high precision movements and dance.

The "Lottery Funding" for the publication of the book has been returned pending a fresh claim.

February 2007

It's He re.......... NEARLY

Due to errors at the Printers unfortunately the Publishers and the Manager have had to withdraw the book from distribution until the issues are addressed.


All for One & One for All.............. Eagerly awaited, will go on General distribution later in February, thanks to Trevor Oldfield's research, input from many friends and the support of the National Lottery's Award for all.

January 2007

Breaking news regarding the latest BOOK, will be announced on Saturday 27th 2007. Everything has been printed and the cover goes to print on Friday 26th.

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