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December 2006

The eagerly awaited follow up book to "And The Band Played On" has now gone for proof reading and will be released in the new year.

Based on the next 25 years since the change of the Toppers to the Musketeers. The book will be available for Pre Order on January 1st 2007.

Just E Mail and ask for a copy of "All For One And One For All"

September 2006

Final job for the Summer season was a trip to Wingerworth School, where we lead the parade and performed a full display in the tight confines of a Netball court. All to help another worthy group raise much needed funds.

August 2006

After travelling for nearly twelve hours, the Band, refreshed and recharged head for the Annual trip to Skegness. Despite a damp start to the day we arrive at 10:30am to be greeted by the equally excitable Ralph. Everyone went off for 3 hours of R&R, Shopping or just drinking. The parade started in it's usual way until it hits the town centre where thousands of Day Trippers and locals were entertained with the dances and performances displayed in Jersey.

Back after an adventure in Jersey. After arriving late Monday night we quickly adapted to the accommodation and surroundings, that were much appreciated. Chicken Strips and Potato wedges were soon cooked an eaten. On Tuesday as our fundraising performance was cancelled, we headed for the beach, on one of the hottest days of the year. After 6 hours of glorious sunshine, Volleyball, rounder's and sunbathing we headed back to St Lawrence where we washed, changed and headed to the pub.

On Wednesday with no news of an intended musical performance at the War Tunnels we spent the day at Aqua world and then Shopping in the town centre. At night we visited the massive Fun Fair in St Helier centre.

Thursday we prepared for the Main Parade, just as seen on TV, large, colorful and very entertaining.


Friday morning we performed at the Jersey War Tunnels before walking round the "Must See" attraction that was intriguing, interesting and very moving. After a lunch we traveled for the Night parade ready to perform in the pre parade entertainment at 8:30pm. Due to some confusion between two officials we were sent early and had to wait for nearly an hour. Wearing fluorescent party lights etc, we entertained the thousands of people. Despite the confusion the crowd were fantastic and very appreciative. Unfortunately the confusion continued as we then had to wait until 10:15pm before moving off for the illuminated parade.

The crowd were unbelievable with the clapping and singing as we stopped time and time again to perform our dances and sword fights. Halfway through the first leg of the parade a fellow group of performers intermingled within our ranks and we both started to entertain the crowd as one very large band mixed with French Musketeers and Chinese Dancers.

Due to the late start and our position in the parade being swapped it was 11:10pm as we finished the first half of the parade. after a 2 minute water break we headed back along the sea front as the fireworks were exploding above our heads. Within minutes of starting the return leg the crowds were exiting the stand and streaming home, still clapping and dancing away as we passed them. 11:55pm, tired, sweaty and hungry we finished the coveted "Battle of Flowers" Illuminated parade 2006.

As advertised this is a fantastic, colorful parade that is one of the must see events in the Calendar.


All packed and ready to go !!!!!! The itinery has been received for the performances in Jersey. Last minute preparation for the Shows are being finished.


July 2006


Tupton - Very hot day was spoilt by a torrential thunderous downpour. Despite the thunderstorm the crowd stayed there cheering every move of the drenched members.

Mascots Union

Horsley Woodhouse - Fine display and performance with a fair few compliments from experienced members of the competing bands and the general public was dampened by a single judges opinion of the show.

12th July 1981 - 12th July 2006 - 25 years Silver Jubilee of Performing as the Chesterfield Musketeers Showband.

Presented to Trevor Oldfield to commemorate 25 years of performing

Wow what a hot a dry start to the Month.

Bakewell Carnival was a very busy event despite the England Match. Performed a Guard of Honour for the Official crowning of the Carnival Queen, by Peak FM's presenter and Pin-up girl, Becky Measures ( ex Beauty Queen ).


June 2006

Final details and arrangements are being made for the trip to Jersey.

May 2006

Despite even more Bad weather, the show goes on. After a casual BBQ before the start, everyone eagerly awaits the first job.

The FutureIan & Andy

Jade & the Host

Parade of Witness' goes off well with a good turn out and bright weather for the duration. (Check the photo's out below )

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April 2006

Despite bad weather, practices are still on their way. Bookings are still coming in, but they all seem to be for the very busy, already booked weekend in June.

March 2006

Things are well on the way with the display. Fund Raising moves with pace trying to raise extra money to cover the funds required for Jersey. Sponsors are urgently required, with anything from Cash, Jumble or a Van needed.

Feb 2006

Despite confirming in August last year, their appearance in the 2006 famous Battle Of The Flowers in Jersey, the Ferry companies have only just confirmed sailing times enabling the band to book their required crossing to the island for Monday 7th to Saturday 12th.August.

The Musketeers will be packing off over 20 experienced members eager and keen to entertain and impress.

However, with the huge expense involved, sponsorship would be appreciated for this event.

Weds Nights 7pm @ St Barnabas at New Whittington & Sun 2:30pm @ Stand Road Park- New Members Always Welcome..

Oct 2005

Fresh back after 103 years and 4 comebacks is Drum Major Lesley.

Lesley (14) joined the Toppers back in the sexy Seventies(1970), when the Mini Skirt Uniform was all the rage. Starting as a little cute, sweet faced freshman she shone through with her experience and standard, second to none. Originally as a little marcher girl she sampled every aspect of the Marching Band circuit, with percussion and even the Mace.

She re emerged this year after just a 16 month break and at less than 12 hours notice she acquired a full uniform and lead the band at Sutton on Sea, claiming the Best Band on Parade for the Fourth year. ( See Photo's below ) and also getting her daughter Kelly to join the ranks as well

Despite last minute nerves and rust she showed everyone the confidence and professionalism needed to achieve the standard to which the band has reached.

Long may she lead. Long may we follow.

July 30th 2005

Also another milestone achieved on the same weekend was TREVOR OLDFIELD ( Mr Topper, Mr Musketeers ) the driving force behind everything that is Carnival & Bands in Chesterfield reached the ever young age of 65. Yes who'd of thought it.

Trevo 65 Years Young

After 50 years performing in every show Trevor 65 has decided to scale down his involvement, by missing one parade per season as a mark of respect to his knees.

Never the less his enthusiasm has not changed and he decrees to stay as young as possible for as long as possible.

Long may he lead.

Despite a shorter than usual "Summer Season" the members are already gearing up for a long hard winter. The aim is to improve the standard and improve the interest. With plans of re structuring the responsibilities people are going to be more involved and more focused.

At the start of February the eager members have commenced outdoor practice on Stand Road Park, where they can be found on Sunday Afternoons at 2:30pm.

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