Jersey The Battle of Flowers 2011 - The Week

Due to the excitement and late finish of the Moonlight Parade it was a later than normal Breakfast with the majority arriving for the fill up at 8:45am. As the end of the week is getting closer and the food needs eating up the size of the Breakfasts increased from Man size to Extra Large. 3 Sausages, 3 Rashers of Bacon, 2 Hash Browns, A bucket of Fresh Mushrooms, Eggs, Fried Bread and Beans and Tomatoes.

One thing that appeared as the week went on was the emergence of Alan “Typhoo” Harvey’s Holiday Romance with Miss Kettle. He was never more than 20 paces away from her at all times and was regularly seen tip tapping with her and turning her on at every opportunity. Nat was happy turning a blind eye to the shenanigans as long as she had a constant supply of Teas and coffees.

Most of the members decided to head to the Town Centre again for a mixture of retail therapy, Fast Food Shops and Bargain Hunting. Some decided to chill in the Centre by watching Harry Potter or listening to the Football.

As the rain was now falling heavily Saturday night’s folly down town was abandoned in favour of finishing the bottle of hard stuff that had been stashed amidst the bedding and baggage but suitably found when a topping was required. during a random spell of silence it was decided to dress someone up in ladies clothes and add a touch of Femininity. As usual it was a split decision between Liam and Mark . This brought up roar into the centre as he decided to prance around the centre on the prowl for a mate. After another hour of madness, the night’s activities came to an end as the members realised that a busy morning was imminent and silence descended on St Lawrence Sports and Community Centre.

6:30 and the last breakfast commenced as the party woke somewhat earlier than previous days and indulged in Mark’s Sausage Sarnies and hot steaming mugs of tea, to help get members in the mood for the cleaning operation soon to follow.

First up the folding of mattresses and bedding, which appeared to have grown in size in comparison to the size of the bags they came in, but, eventually everyone achieved this move. Now the process of loading the transit ready for Madeline’s departure for the 11:00 Condor Ferry back to Weymouth and the long haul back up North. Reverse procedure is the plan with the fridge and freezer starting the way, 30 minutes later all is completed.

Now with just five hours before our coach arrives to transport the party to the airport, everyone is left to their own devices around the centre or taking a short trip down town on the service bus.

Lunch time at the centre and thoughts turn to food, the best option being a short walk down to the British Union our local pub for Sunday lunch until a search of the kitchen revealed a fair of food to tempt the anorexic. A quick check produced large quantities of Cheese, Ham, Bread and nine trays of Eggs all of which were being left behind.

With Natalie and Janice in full flight with these ingredients were soon being included into scrumptious Cheese or Cheese and Ham Omelettes, Scrambled Eggs on Toast , Eggy Bread (French Bread) and the party soon had a big (cheesy) grin on their faces after consuming this unexpected delicacy.
Now everyone is really ready for the trip home

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Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of Arms



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