Jersey The Battle of Flowers 2011 - The Moonlight Parade

An earlier call than expected for the sleeping members as the “Fire Alarm” pierced the morning silence bringing the party to an abrupt wakening, with previous similar incidents the stirring of the campers was very slow until Mark confessed that the Alarm on the Fire Panel signalled that it was the upper zone area (Football Clubs Changing Room) so it was outside immediately. Our Nominated Fire Crew searched the whole complex twice before normality was resumed and concluding that the source fell back on the breakfast fumes entering an open window upstairs. Now up, some preferred to carry on and indulge in an early breakfast while other soon sunk back into their duvets for a little longer before joining them.

Due to the Lighting from the Floats and Illuminations there were problems with the Camera Exposure.

Putting the earlier incident aside and with full stomachs the party began to plan the days actions, although the weather dictated in some respects, a very light drizzle started the morning but beginning to dry over and attempt to let the sun through. Top of the young member’s actions for this free day was a trip down to Aqua Splash at ‘Waterfront’ in St Helier, with the mature members indulging in a more leisurely programme which involved some singular horizontal therapy with closed eyes.

A light tea was agreed consisting of a variety of sandwiches, nibbles and chocolate delicacies before the scheduled time for the coach to pick the band up and transport them down to lay-by four again at 7pm giving plenty of time for the members to change into uniform in good time.

Several changes had been ordered for the Musketeers this year which allowed the band more of a water break at the end of the first length before the return up the arena as far as C Stand. They were to pause briefly, giving a static programme up to the commencement of the firework display and then taking their exit and heading for the coach and the return coach ride back to the Centre. One good sight on this Moonlight Parade was the re emergence into the ranks for Natalie her first parade of any sort for over a year which was great to see.

Swiftly changing out of blouses and tabards the members were soon being transported back and a supper of Pizzas and left over sandwiches was washed down with a few beers and stronger drinks before the time came to bed down for the night for a well earned sleep. At the stroke of 1am the Poker Club started and dwindled into the early hours with the winner slipping into Bed around 4am.


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All comments written are purely an opinion of the event by members involved. These are not by any means intended as derogatory or defamatory in anyway to the organisors or the people involved.