Horsley Woodhouse Carnival 17th July 2010

The long awaited day of the second contest for 60% of our young band had arrived at last, so arriving at the Horsley Woodhouse Working Men’s Club with trepidation, the members made use of short free time prior to the parade to indulge in some bargain liquid refreshments. Fully su...pplied it was time to change and head to the Medical Centre to prepare for the scheduled 1:08 start following the departure of the 1:05 bus down Main Street which signals the off.

In third position in the parade the band performed their marching dance routines as they progressed along the route and into the main arena in the Sitwell Memorial Recreation Ground. Once again organising Secretary Eric Lancashire MBE asked for volunteer bands to play while the crowds flocking could enter the ground before the usual playing of the National Anthem and the official opening of the 34th Carnival by Councillor Bob Janes.

With over an hour and a half before the contest began in earnest, the members took the opportunity to peruse the variety of stalls or sit around eating their packed lunches in front of the coach along with the Middies, whilst the band officials attended the contest briefing.

As the time approached for the first band to line-up in the arena entrance the ‘Musketeers’ could feel the adrenalin rising as they waited to follow the Midshipmen into position, whilst they performed.
Soon the first band were leaving the arena at the culmination of their allotted time and the ‘Musketeers’ were ready to show whether the last few weeks of dedicated practice to erase the mistakes made in the last contest would pay off.

Although perhaps not as fluently presented in our eyes as the first time nevertheless the band drew good applause and comments at the conclusion of the programme, now it was just a matter of waiting for the three other bands to perform before decision time.

Returning into the arena in contesting order to hear the results announced to the public and bands alike, but first other awards were to precede the contest winners. The Best Drum Major on the Contest award was presented to Rob Corbett of the Melton Mowbray Toy Soldier, but good news follows for the ‘Musketeers’ as the guest band receiving the ‘Best Band on Parade’ for their efforts on the road parade along the way with Drum Major Mark collecting the ‘Jean Shaw Trophy Shield’ .

On to the main event and commencing with 3rd placed band with 76 points and once again the guest band’s name was announced to receive the ‘Sitwell Cup’ followed by the runners up the Melton Mowbray Toy Soldiers with 77 points, leaving the Derby Midshipmen as winners with 86 points. Fourth place behind the ‘Musketeers’ were the Breaston Highlanders with 11 points fewer and following up the Polesworth Pioneers with 41 points.

Exiting the arena in reverse order the members of all bands were eager to get changed and continue the mass picnic and socialising with the Middies then the bands started checking out the judging sheets and comments entered, in little huddles around the coaches, once digested the members were now ready to return to their coaches to return home either to celebrate or commiserate with each other.

It came as a massive surprise however later in the evening to be alerted to the mounting comments from various sources on a social network regarding this contest and results.

After arriving home we found another mystery develop when a blue cooler box was offloaded from the coach containing crisps and muffins, which were starting to cause an aroma instead of a blue cooler box containing just one bottle of Champers belonging Kev/Becks, with no one willing to admit ownership to the other so our in house detectives are now involved on the case before tomorrows trip to Warsop Carnival .. Watch this space.

Mystery of the Colour and Contents changing Cooler Box.....


In all my lifelong years of being involved and following band competitions in Europe and around the UK, have I known or heard of such vitriolic comments following several individuals inability to accept the result from three very experienced ex league members and judges for many years, and also from respected members of other now fallen bands, which defeats the whole thinking and intentions of the Carnival Fraternity and its aims. This in our opinion can only hasten the death Knoll of band competitions forever, who’s going to want to compete with the fear of retribution. This is even more disapointing as Requests, Invites and Opportunities were present for each and every person there and those who commented to Judge at any contest by the MDBA. Probably it is a good thing they haven't judged with such strong preconceived expectations of results.



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All comments written are purely an opinion of the event by members involved. These are not by any means intended as derogatory or defamatory in anyway to the organisors or the people involved.