Horsley Woodhouse Carnival - 16th July 2016

The members arrived and congregated at the usual Ex Servicemans Club that is sadly now in ruins and awaiting a conversion in to a COOP.
In good spirits the Band met up with the Breaston Highlanders for a quick run through the National Anthem that was agreed to be played together, only days before. This was quickly rehearsed and it was time to head off to the start of the Parade, which even without Eric Lancashire still set off on on schedule.

The Band quickly got into "Showband Mode" and started off with one of their many dance routines and continued with many more right down the main road and on to the field.

Despite a revamped Arena area the usual speeches and dignitaries were met firstly by a Battle of Britain Spitfire flyover then a joint rendition of the "National Anthem"

Then right on cue and like most other weekends the rain made an appearance but thankfully only for a brief 10 minutes.

After a long rest the members gathered for their turn to perform in the Arena and with still a few people on the field they set off to perform their 2016 Show.

As you may have noticed we seem to be having several more photographs than normal and we are welcome for these as we love to share them online for all the members, friends, families, sponsors and the general public alike. To say there were over 700 photographs taken during the 30 minute Parade and the 16 minute display gives you some indication of the volume and when viewed on the computer resembles a time-lapse video with step by step shots of the entire time.

Horsley Woodhouse holds a lot of good memories for Carnival Bands over the last 85 years and it was good to catch up with not only Eric Lancashire (Organizer for over 40 years) but also the many Ex Band Members and Current Band Members that have shared in the Horsley Woodhouse Carnival 2016? experiences over the years gone by.

Thanks to our newest member Kevin G. Lea, Marion Howe & Kyle Dyche

Another Big Thank You goes to Katie Louise Spurr & The Highlanders for allowing us to play together again after so many years.



Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of Arms


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