Hasland Gala - 14th June 2015

With the weather being predicted as Rain showers all day it was no surprise that it was raining on arrival. Thankfully just before the members headed off to the Parade the showers stopped. It was a quick walk to the start of the Parade but for the first time in 20 years the Gala was to commence with a Street Parade around the village.


Leading yet another Parade t he start was taken at a leisure pace as it included a 3/4 mile stretch uphill before turning onto a short but very steep approach into the biggest estate in Hasland. It then turned left and headed straight back down the main Mansfield Road into Hasland before turning on to the field.

As the Parade finished the rain began and continued right up to 2:45pm. Despite some entertainment failing to perform or play and the grass being very wet and slippery the Band soldiered on and opted to fulfil the request of giving a 20 minute arena display. Thankfully the rain held of for the band to perform the display.

The Video of the display can be seen on their You Tube Channel HERE

Yogi & Paul having a laugh

Video of the Performance can be seen here - https://youtu.be/5W6LDS6RPIQ

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Lottory GrantChesterfield Borough Coat Of Arms



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