Duffield Carnival 26th June 2010

After setting off earlier than anticipated from the Pub, and on arrival circling the parade starting area twice before deciding to park in the Station Approach to enable members to seek out some liquid refreshments there was still plenty of time for a full meal too in the beer garden of the White Hart and in what was turning into a very hot day.

With the grown ups taking to the refreshments a little longer than anticipating and corrupting the younger members to boot, we made a little dash to get changed leaving the coach driver to hurriedly get the band into place at the head of the parade ready to lead the retinue to the Carnival Field.

With a RAF Cadet Colour Guard at the front followed be a Limousine bearing the Carnival Royalty, the quick pace of the band caused a slight problem. Having only covered 200 metres the Drum Major had led the band into three countermarches to counteract the slow stepping of the flag bearers and the limousine and each time they countermarched these cadets along with the vehicle stopped to wait which defeated the object.

So a quick word with the parade marshal enlightening her into getting the Colour Guard and Carnival Queens to keep moving and leave the band to move freely and we were soon moving along more constantly, although Drum Major Mark must have suffered with diesel exhaust fumes at the conclusion.

After a few hundred yards the RAF Colour Guard were actually leaving the Carnival Queens in their wake, much to the anger of the Band. At this stage we were resorted to slow marching in the Heat rather than keep countermarching. This was still fast enough to keep up with the Queen's Car.
After a second word with the Driver she seemed to appreciate that Exhaust fumes were not healthy.

With the marching and walking contingency given a detour under the tunnel and railway bridge due to the roadwork’s in the village another hold up was created when they were directed into a roped off pen just by the carnival field entrance to stand and wait for about 20 minutes in this uncharacteristically searing hot English summer day whilst the floats and other vehicles and our coach, which had taken an alternate route caught us up and entered the field before the parade reassembled and completed the parade into the extra large main arena for the opening ceremony and presentations. The band now predictably wet through with sweat and consciously aware that our one hour rest from the end of the parade before our arena performance was now down to ten minutes and still the opening ceremony was going on, the band exited the arena to make a move to the coach to enable the members to prepare and cool down somewhat.
Finally after locating an organising official a new display time was given for 30 minutes later.

Inviting the crowd sat around the oversize arena to come into the top half of the still large arena, the ‘Musketeers’ commenced their 16 minute programme of entertainment, and listening to the many comments from around the arena during and after the display, this had been very well received.

Now able to change out of the sweaty uniforms the members were able to relax by the coach or meander around the many stalls, exhibitions and displays before it was time to leave for home ready to prepare for another full day on Sunday.


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All comments written are purely an opinion of the event by members involved. These are not by any means intended as derogatory or defamatory in anyway to the organisors or the people involved.