Derbyshire County Show 27th June 2010

The forecast for the day was to be hotter than yesterday as we headed in the coach for Elvaston Castle, Derby and the Derbyshire County Show. Just short of the event we spotted “Nelson” Lifelong carnival band follower walking with his backpack amongst the crowds on the road. As a token of goodwill the coach pulled to a brisk halt and Ian (Nelson) boarded the coach like a kid going on a school trip. Becky was eager to boost the takings but could not build up enough courage to ask him for Bus Fare. We entered the field and saved Nelson entry fee, even though he had pre booked his ticket in advance.

No parade to endure however, two separate displays in the very large arena, one at 12:00 noon and the other to close the show at 5:00pm when the band would play ‘Sunset’ as the show flag was lowered.
Immediately on arrival the chairs and travel rugs were spread out and partially clothed bodies were soon straggled around by the sides of the coach. But shortly after, preparations began for our first performance.
Looking over the huge arena a choice was made as to where the ideal position would suit us, but first we had to abide by the Health & Safety ruling on entering the ring following the Llama Slalom Racing Act and awaiting for the obstacles used being cleared.
About 20 minutes later than planned the ‘Musketeers’ commenced their first display with all members attempting to continue the upsurge in their delivery following the first competition results of last week, and at the conclusion of the performance it appeared that the message was seriously getting through with an enjoyable show being presented to the appreciative crowd lining the arena. Fellow friends and Bandsmen from local bands were also present to offer support. The Band Master had a brainwave to help improve the performance by utilising the experience to pick up on the marching by acting as Judges.

Back after the display and eager to get out of the sticky outfits completely for around four and a half hours before the members indulged in their own thing before having to apply the uniforms for the second display.

Some members decided to visit the trade stall and help empty Mark the Drum Majors wallet. Other members opted for Ice Creams and then later in the afternoon to take up front seat vantage in the bar to watch England’s efforts in the World Cup encounter with Germany in South Africa on TV. Although the end of the match was worryingly close to our second performance, England’s demise towards the end ensured our depressed members were back in plenty of time to change and be ready in good time.

Over to the main arena at 5pm, where the now depleting crowd awaited our final programme, which again the members put to good use and applying another encouraging performance irrespective of the smaller watching contingency and once again everyone happy to conclude another weekend for various reasons. On my own account suffering a trumpet player’s nightmare a massive cold sore on the middle of my bottom lip which with two days of abuse with the mouthpiece was now in a very sorry state and the dodgy knees were the last thing on my mind.

It was nice to see fellow Bandsmen and old friends alike supporting the Carnival world and we would like to pass on our best wishes to Sue Holbrook, Kelly and the Ambassadors of Derby for the future and also Marie, Craig and the Middies for this seasons Contests.

However we would like to offer our band officials grateful thanks, with only two members missing, to all 26 members and fellow working committee who performed during this hot weekend of activities. It was very much appreciated.



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All comments written are purely an opinion of the event by members involved. These are not by any means intended as derogatory or defamatory in anyway to the organisors or the people involved.