Congleton Carnival 10th July 2010

Early morning pick-up in Eastwood first and then onto the ‘Hollingwood’ to complete the process before heading across Chesterfield and picking up the A619 up into the Peak once again, this time our travels were taking the band to the Congleton Carnival, a place visited for a contest only once before, many years ago.

But first a big ‘Hi’ to our many new readers who have started to follow our ventures across the UK via this site recently, enjoy the bands exploits across the County into Cheshire for the day.

This engagement secured through a new Agency based in Wigan is our first one, so we aimed to please both Organisers and Agency today. Although due to work, holidays and sadly Kerry and Mark’s vigil at the bedside of Kerry’s mother, the band were missing several key members for the day.

Nonetheless, the coach was escorted onto the Carnival Field on arrival close to the arena edge were everyone could now relax before needing to change into uniform for the 12:30 commencement of the Parade, a few minutes walk across the field and taking up our No19 spot in the line-up behind, a Police Band, Brass Band, Scout Band and amongst the Majorette Troupes and a Trad Jazz Ensemble.

Having been given a programme containing the afternoons performing acts etc. it was evident we had not been awarded very good publicity, being mentioned on several occasions through the pages along with the other pictured events as – ‘A Marching Band’ ( a point recently taken up with the Agency but too late to be changed prior to printing). However, as we progressed around the town and past the Mayor and Mayoress on the town hall front it was evident the ‘Musketeers’ were making a big impression on the well supported parade route with the brisk pace and colourful uniform in the sun against the dull outfits and slow pace of the Police, Scouts and Brass Bands.

After about 45 minutes the band arrived into the Carnival Arena to great applause, and were now able to change out of uniform until our 4:00 arena programme time to sit and enjoy the variety of entertainers performances.
At precisely 4:05 the ‘Musketeers’ were heralded into their programme following our publicity read-out provided to the compere, which gave the waiting audience an insight to who we were whilst the previous act cleared away the many obstacles and debris in our path, and the 16 minute show was on going.

With the sun giving way to stifling humidity, quite a few faces were flecked with sweat at the conclusion which received a very good response as the members made a quick return to the coach and a swift change before settling down to chill out before the return journey home.

Contacting the organisers just before our departure, they all agreed that they hadn’t contemplated such an impact and contribution to the event as that provided by the band and they offered their profound apologies for their short comings in the programme as they had not been made aware of the bands credentials and now realised their mistake.
Shortly after, into our journey home the coach provided the next hiccup when the driver suspected a rear wheel puncture which necessitated a stop at Buxton to await a replacement wheel and another coach to transport the Eastwood contingency directly home, although suitable liquid refreshments were enjoyed during the wait in a nearby ‘Wetherspoons’ before making a belated return to the ‘Hollingwood’.

Immediately on arrival at the pub we were confronted with the sad news that Kerry’s mother had passed away earlier in the day. The ‘Musketeers’ proffer their deepest condolences to Kerry and Mark and all the family at this sad time our thoughts are with them.


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All comments written are purely an opinion of the event by members involved. These are not by any means intended as derogatory or defamatory in anyway to the organisors or the people involved.